Rachel Leviss’s Absence from Vanderpump Rules Sparks Speculation #PumpRules

Rachel “Raquel” Leviss, known for her appearance on Vanderpump Rules, has yet to start filming for Season 11 despite reportedly signing her contract. Rumors suggest a potential contractual loophole has allowed her to avoid commitments. At the Season 10 reunion in March, Leviss faced harsh criticism from her castmates, particularly over her relationship with Scandoval. Subsequently, she sought treatment at a mental health facility and stayed there for two months. While Leviss remains unpopular with most of her co-stars, one SUR employee, Israel Isaac, expresses missing their friendship.

A former employee of Schwartz & Sandy’s, Isaac posted a throwback photo of him and Leviss on August 7, captioning it, “It’s strange doing life without you, I’d like my friend back right about now.” This post stood out as Leviss’s first cast member to express missing her since the Scandoval fiasco. While some commenters offered support and sympathy for Leviss, others noted Isaac’s genuineness in missing his friend.

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Lala Kent, a longstanding cast member of Vanderpump Rules, questioned Isaac’s intentions during her Amazon Live session on the same day. Kent suggested Isaac was seeking attention by posting about Leviss. In response, Isaac clapped back at Kent with another photo of him and Leviss on his Instagram Story two days later, emphasizing his right to post what he wants on his page. He also expressed his desire to represent kindness and understanding, drawing inspiration from Jesus.

As a pop culture journalist, I am intrigued by Isaac’s willingness to stand up against Kent’s criticism. While Season 11 of Vanderpump Rules is expected to air in 2024, I am eager to see how this dynamic unfolds and if Isaac’s friendship with Leviss holds true. Nevertheless, Leviss continues her healing journey, and fans are left wondering if Kent has any plans to exit the show.

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