Jason Kelce Misplaces Super Bowl Ring in Unconventional Game

NFL star Jason Kelce shared an astonishing tale about his lost Super Bowl ring, obtained when his team, Philadelphia Eagles, defeated the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl LII held in 2018. He unintentionally lost the cherished token in an unusual game held at his alma mater, the University of Cincinnati.

“New Heights” Live Show Turns Unforeseen

The incident happened during a live show of “New Heights,” conducted at the University of Cincinnati. Jason and his brother Travis Kelce participated, engaging in a series of games with student athletes and non-student athletes. Characterized by an atmosphere inspired by Revenge of the Nerds, one particular game stood out as the most unexpected. This game dubbed as “Jason Lost His Ring” involved plunging Jason’s actual Super Bowl ring into a children’s pool filled with a signature Ohio dish, Skyline Chili, spaghetti, and cheese. However, the humorous plot actually became real when his prized possession went missing.

Missing Ring Unveils Brotherly Banter Outburst

On the April 17 episode of “New Heights,” Jason, aged 36, unexpectedly revealed that he had genuinely mislaid his Super Bowl ring during the said event. Travis, being unaware at first, reacted in utter disbelief and then playfully reprimanded his brother in a seemingly exasperated manner.

Exhaustive Search Yields No Ring

Despite painstakingly sifting through the elements of the game the day following the event, the Super Bowl ring, although securely tucked into a sock, was never found. With all the materials from the event being subsequently discarded, Jason reckoned his precious item to be likely located within a landfill in the Cincinnati region.

Insurance Claim Raised for the Lost Ring

Having accepted that the ring was irrevocably lost, Jason initiated an insurance claim. The fulfilment of his claim remains uncertain and he expressed his doubts with the assurance company.

Jokingly Undeterred, Jason Plans to Replace His Ring

Seemingly unphased by the loss, Jason described the ring as ‘just a hunk of metal’ and joked that he could have another one made, thereby indicating his lighthearted approach towards the whole incident.

Wrapping Up

While it’s not every day that a Super Bowl ring gets lost in a chili-filled kiddie pool, Jason Kelce’s tale adds an unconventional anecdote to Super Bowl lore. For more intriguing stories like this, visit HitPlay.

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