Former Bachelorette Michelle Young Supports Jenn Tran’s Historic Role

Jenn Tran, the first Asian American Bachelorette, has received warm support from former Bachelorette, Michelle Young. In an interview with Extra, Young expressed her excitement for Tran’s journey of finding love and discussed the challenges and pressures that come with the Bachelorette role.

Reflecting on the Bachelorette Experience

Michelle Young, who lead the show’s 18th season, admitted that although there is much support within Bachelor Nation, criticism online can make being the Bachelorette quite challenging. She empathized with Tran’s position, considering she is not merely the star of the show but also representing an entire community. Young urged for people to extend grace and understanding, highlighting that being the viewer’s favorite isn’t the end game and that the show is a representation of love.

Jenn Tran’s Ascent to the Bachelorette

Tran’s announcement as the series’ next lead was followed by her expression of gratitude for being the franchise’s first Asian bachelorette. She affirmed her commitment to finding love and leading her own story during the casting decision announcement. Michelle Young, having advised Tran before the announcement, applauded Tran’s character and dedication to finding love.

Despite many fans of Bachelor Nation cheering for candidates from Joey Graziadei’s season for the role, Young emphasized the importance of being open to other types of love stories. Tran’s selection came after Daisy Kent, a season 28 finalist, declined the offer.

Support From Bachelor Nation

Many members of Bachelor Nation, including Maria Georgas from Graziadei’s season, publicly congratulated Tran on her landmark opportunity. Georgas emphasized her joy for Tran and the milestone her selection presents for representation in the franchise.

As for Michelle Young, she moved on from her engagement to Nayte Olukoya, and is currently dating Jack Leius as of October 2023.

Wrapping Up

Jenn Tran’s selection as the first Asian American Bachelorette marks a significant step in diverse representation in one of America’s favorite reality dating shows. As her journey continues, it is clear she has the support of former Bachelorettes like Michelle Young and the larger Bachelor Nation. For more updates in the entertainment world, visit HitPlay.

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