Tara Reid tasked to encourage Tom Sandoval in Special Forces

Reality TV personality Tom Sandoval of Vanderpump Rules fame might have plunged deeper into reality-show waters than he originally planned. After his affair with Rachel Leviss was revealed, Sandoval moved on to the reality series Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test, perhaps looking for some payback.

In a confession on the show, Sandoval stated, “Sandoval has become Scandoval. I’m here because I want to get punished.” Well, his wish may indeed come true.

The curtain on Season 2 was raised with Billy Billingham poking fun at Tom’s hair as his hood was removed. When asked how he would recognize Tom, the latter replied, “I’m on a reality TV show.” Billy came back with a cheeky response, saying, “Oh, welcome to f*cking reality.”

Tara Takes Charge…Sort Of

On the upcoming October 2nd, 2023 episode, actresses Tara Reid steps into a more responsible role as a “duty recruit.” She is now tasked with dressing the rest of the group, which becomes quite a challenge in the freezing weather following a cold plunge challenge.

One of the operatives commands Tom to hustle it up, with Tara echoing the sentiment. She asked Tom, “Can you move your ass?” and offered her help by asking, “Do you need a towel? We need a towel.”

When Tara exited the tent, she met with a scathing review from Billy. “You’re like the drunk on the Titanic. The boat’s going down and you’re wondering why the bar is closed.” Unfortunately for Tara, she tended to struggle during the premiere and even had a hot seat experience.

Tara previously shared her thoughts on Tom, describing him as quiet and introspective. According to her, he underwent this entire ordeal to clear his head and find growth, while also being a supportive friend to everyone. But will his quiet demeanor impress the high-ranking operatives on the show? Only time will tell, and it’s bound to be a spectacle!

‘Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test’ airs on Fox on Mondays at 9 p.m. ET. Now the question remains: Does Tara being pushed into a more demanding role elicit your sympathy? How long do you think Tom will last on the show?

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