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Beverly Hills Cop 4: Plot, Cast, and Everything Else We Know

"Beverly Hills Cop: Axel Foley" is gearing up to be a significant addition to the Beverly Hills Cop franchise. The series, known for its...

Your Ultimate Guide to Film Releases in 2023 and Beyond

2023 has been a banner year for cinema, with a star-studded lineup of directors like Wes Anderson, Ridley Scott, Martin Scorsese, and Christopher Nolan...

‘The Witcher: Sirens of the Deep’ Announced: All We Know

A New Chapter in The Witcher Saga The Witcher universe is expanding with the animated film 'The Witcher: Sirens of the Deep', set to release...

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Silent Night – Review

John Woo's long-awaited return to North American filmmaking, Silent Night, brings his trademark action style back to the big screen after a 20-year hiatus....

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny – Review

Give 'em hell! Shouts Sallah, John Rhys-Davies making a cameo that tugs at the nostalgic heartstrings of longtime Indiana Jones fans. Is this the...

The Holdovers – Review

Alexander Payne, often criticized for seemingly looking down on his characters in notable works like "Election," "Citizen Ruth," and "Nebraska," takes a markedly different...


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The Trailer for Donald Glover & Maya Erskine ‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith’ Series is Here

Donald Glover and Maya Erskine are set to dazzle audiences as they step into the roles of a pair of assassins in the much-anticipated...

‘Tim Allen Was Such a Bitch’ on ‘The Santa Clauses’ Set, Says Casey Wilson

The Santa Clauses star Casey Wilson recently opened up about her truly unpleasant experience working with co-star Tim Allen. On her Bitch Sesh podcast,...

‘Masters of the Air’ is ‘Band of Brothers’ With Planes and Everyone is In It

The newest glimpse into the World War II drama, Masters of the Air, is now available. This series, a collaborative effort from executive producers...

Oscar-Winner Mahershala Ali Hyped for Blade Reboot

Oscar-winning actor Mahershala Ali is feeling confident over the anticipated 'Blade' reboot, projecting a positive vibe about the project's fresh direction. While the journey...

The Fabulist: The Lying, Hustling, Grifting, Stealing, and Very American Legend of George Santos Movie at HBO

The life of scandal-ridden politician George Santos is about to move beyond late-night satires, with HBO Films set to adapt his saga for the...