Anna Paquin Addresses Walking Red Carpet with Cane Amid Health Issues

Award-winning actress Anna Paquin has given a positive and low-key health update following her recent appearance at a red carpet event where she was seen using a walking cane. However, the actress, who was attending the premiere of her new movie ‘A Bit of Light’, did not delve into specifics regarding her condition. During the Friday, April 5, episode of Today With Hoda & Jenna, the 41-year-old actress stayed optimistic stating, “I’m having a good day, today. Thank you for asking.”

On the Red Carpet

During the New York City premiere of her latest film A Bit of Light, Paquin used a cane that matched her elegant, black monochrome outfit. The actress, while discussing her undisclosed health issue, acknowledged to People that her journey has not been easy. Nevertheless, she is expected to make a full recovery.

Working with Husband Stephen Moyer

Anna shared the red carpet with her husband, Stephen Moyer, who served as the director of the film. The couple met on the set of HBO’s popular series ‘True Blood’ where they played on-screen lovers and got married in 2010. Paquin praised working with Moyer, saying, “He’s got my back, and I’ve got his.”

About ‘A Bit of Light’

In the upcoming film, ‘A Bit of Light’, Paquin portrays a woman forced to live with her father post-rehab, limited access to her children, and dealing with the guilt of past mistakes. The actress hopes the movie communicates the key message, “You are not your mistakes.”

Perks of Working Together

Moyer also shared his perspective on working with Paquin, emphasizing their implicit understanding and ability to balance their professional and personal lives. “There [are] often moments where I’ll look across and she’ll just go, ‘I’ll go in again.’ She knows that she wants to recalibrate,” said Moyer.

Wrapping Up

Balancing professional commitments and family time efficiently can be tricky. Yet, the couple reveals that projects together have parenting perks as both of them can be around their children amidst their busy schedules. For more such insightful stories, visit HitPlay.

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