‘Knives Out 3’ Title Revealed: ‘Wake Up Dead Man’

Murder-mystery enthusiasts can rejoice at the news of a third installment of the highly acclaimed Knives Out franchise, inspired by the works of eminent mystery novelist Agatha Christie and directed by Rian Johnson. The franchise, celebrated for its unique plots and captivating performances featuring Hollywood A-listers, is set to continue with Netflix producing the third narrative. A unique element of these stories is their variable plotlines; the first film, centered on the mysterious death of a wealthy patriarch, was an immense success, followed by the second installment, Glass Onion, which drew audiences with its narrative of a billionaire eccentric played by Edward Norton. As the series continues to evolve with intriguing characters and intricate plot twists, its popularity among both film aficionados and casual viewers is sure to grow.

In 2021, Johnson confirmed that Knives Out is set to return with not one, but two sequels. Below, we provide all known details so far about this highly anticipated third installment.

Release Date of ‘Knives Out 3’

The streaming giant, Netflix, and Johnson have recently announced a tentative release date for the third Knives Out film, Wake Up Dead Man. It is expected to hit the screens in 2025 as stated in a motion-art teaser shared by Johnson. The film is set to commence production shortly, which Johnson confirmed via a separate post.

Who is in the Cast of ‘Knives Out 3’

At present, there have been no official announcements concerning the casting for Wake Up Dead Man. However, it’s noteworthy that in the previous Knives Out films, none of the cast members reprised their roles in subsequent movies. Therefore, it is unlikely that any cast members from the initial 2019 film or Glass Onion will return for the third installment. However, it is speculated that Hugh Grant, who made a cameo in the second film, might recur in the series.

The Storyline for ‘Knives Out 3’

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As of now, Johnson and Netflix remain mum about the details concerning the plot for Wake Up Dead Man. All that has been revealed is the title and an intriguing line from a teaser, which had Daniel Craig, in his iconic Southern drawl, state, “In the beginning, the knives came out. Then, behold, the glass was shattered. But my most dangerous case yet is about to be revealed.”. As the release date approaches, fans can expect more hints and teasers that might shed light onto the next labyrinthine narrative.

Wrapping Up, anticipation grows for the third installment of the Benoit Blanc mysteries as fans eagerly await the release of Wake Up Dead Man. In the meantime, fans of the franchise can revisit the previous chapters, Knives Out and Glass Onion, or discover more compelling content on HitPlay.

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