Knives Out 3: Jeremy Renner is Officially Part of Wake Up Dead Man

It’s an exciting time for Knives Out fans, with the recent announcement of the threequel’s title, Wake Up Dead Man. This news has sparked speculation about its implications for Benoit Blanc’s story. Additionally, there have been significant casting announcements featuring Andrew Scott, Josh O’Connor, and Kerry Washington joining the ensemble. Most recently, Jeremy Renner was added to the cast, an interesting choice given his notable mention in Glass Onion.

Last week on the Happy, Sad, Confused podcast, host Josh Horowitz questioned Renner regarding his mention in Glass Onion, where Helen, played by Janelle Monáe, fakes her death using Jeremy Renner-branded hot sauce. Renner found the reference hilarious and even considered launching a real hot sauce line to promote the film. Though the idea was not realized, Renner’s poker face during the interview suggested he was already aware of his casting in Knives Out 3.

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Kudos to @JeremyRenner for an amazing poker face when I brought up his GLASS ONION cameo last week! Lo and behold he’s in @rianjohnson’s @KnivesOut! 😂 This upcoming episode of #happysadconfused is amazing. Coming very soon. May 31, 2024

Horowitz quipped that Renner couldn’t appear in a Knives Out movie since he exists within the universe. Renner maintained his composure, laughing off the comment, likely knowing about his casting already. His ability to navigate the conversation without revealing any spoilers is commendable.

Considering this context, the Glass Onion hot sauce reference in the upcoming film is intriguing. The filmmakers could choose to ignore it, keeping it as a fun nod in Glass Onion. Alternatively, Renner could play himself, with the hot sauce lore becoming a significant plot element in Wake Up Dead Man. There’s even a possibility of introducing a twin plotline, with Renner portraying a brother who masterminds the hot sauce empire, a concept that, while quirky, could work under Rian Johnson’s direction.

Fans will have to wait until 2025 to see how Renner’s inclusion plays out. In the meantime, updates on Knives Out 3 continue to generate excitement. The first two films were highly successful, garnering Oscar nominations and widespread viewer acclaim, setting high expectations for Wake Up Dead Man. With a star-studded cast, it seems poised for success.

As we anticipate the release of Wake Up Dead Man, Netflix subscribers can revisit Glass Onion, which is currently available on the streaming service. For more on upcoming Netflix projects, consult our upcoming Netflix projects guide.

Wrapping Up

The excitement surrounding Knives Out 3 continues to build with every new announcement. As fans eagerly await its release, there’s plenty of content to enjoy and speculate over. Stay tuned for more updates and detailed guides on forthcoming Netflix projects by visiting HitPlay.

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