Dennis Quaid Says He’s Voting Trump: ‘People might call him an a–hole, but he’s my a–hole’

Dennis Quaid, known for his roles in films like “The Right Stuff” and “Far From Heaven,” has made headlines by openly announcing his support for Donald Trump in the upcoming 2024 presidential election. In an interview on Piers Morgan’s show, Quaid, 70, confirmed his political stance, a move that’s rare in Hollywood where expressing support for Trump can be considered career suicide.

Hollywood’s Political Divide

The entertainment industry is predominantly liberal, with few celebrities openly supporting Trump. Those who have, like Jon Voight, James Woods, and Kelsey Grammer, often face significant backlash. Quaid’s announcement is thus a bold move, especially as he continues to be active in the industry.

Quaid’s Justification

During the interview, Quaid explained his shift towards Trump, citing concerns about the “weaponization of our justice system” and challenges to the Constitution. “I was ready not to vote for Trump until what I saw is more than politics,” Quaid said. “I see a weaponization of our justice system and a challenge to our Constitution… Us as Americans that I don’t think we’re going to have.”

Quaid acknowledged Trump’s controversial reputation but remained steadfast in his support, stating, “People might call him an asshole, but he’s my asshole.”

Career Impact

Quaid’s decision might have significant repercussions in Hollywood, where political leanings can heavily influence career opportunities. Roger Friedman of Showbiz411 commented, “Put a fork in him. He’s done.” Despite this, Quaid seems unperturbed, focusing on his recent work in faith-based films like “The Hill” and “I Can Only Imagine,” which cater to conservative audiences.

Upcoming Projects

Quaid is set to star as Ronald Reagan in an upcoming biopic, a role fitting for his current political stance. The film, scheduled for release in August, is expected to present a favorable portrayal of the 40th President.

Wrapping Up

Despite the potential career risks, Dennis Quaid’s support for Trump underscores his commitment to his beliefs. His journey from mainstream Hollywood roles to faith-based films and now openly supporting Trump highlights a significant shift in his career and personal life.

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