Trump’s Lawyers Issue Cease and Desist to Film Producers

Former President Donald Trump’s lawyers have issued a cease and desist order to the creators of the biographical film, ‘The Apprentice.’ The film, which recently premiered at the 2024 Cannes Film Festival, is still seeking funding in the United States. Yet, despite legal threats, the film’s production team contends they have done nothing to warrant legal consequences, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter.

Casting and Direction of The Apprentice

The biopic consists of a star-studded cast with Sebastian Stan playing a young Donald Trump, Jeremy Strong portraying Roy Cohn, Trump’s mentor, Maria Bakalova as Ivanka Trump, and Martin Donovan assuming the role of Fred Trump Sr. The director is Ali Abbasi, who’s working from a script by Gabriel Sherman.

Production Team’s Stand on the Legal Threat

The production team remains unfazed by Trump’s legal actions, asserting the fairness and balance presented by the film. “The film is a fair and balanced portrait of the former president. We want everyone to see it and then decide,” a spokesperson stated.

Prior Legal Threats from Trump’s Team

This cease and desist order is among several legal threats issued in an attempt to halt the film’s release. Trump’s previous presidential campaign had also threatened lawsuits against the pending film project. The film’s director, Abbasi, is not greatly troubled by these legal moves, making a point about Trump’s litigation reputation, “Everybody talks about him suing a lot of people — they don’t talk about his success rate though.”

Synopsis of The Apprentice

‘The Apprentice’ situates itself within a whirlwind of corruption and deception. The narrative explores Trump’s ambitious real estate forays in New York during the 1970s and ’80s, along with his relationship with notorious lawyer Roy Cohn. The film aims to depict a mentor-protégé story, plotting the inception of an important American dynasty filled with larger-than-life characters.

Wrapping Up

Despite the cease and desist order from Trump’s legal team, the production of ‘The Apprentice’ continues. While it faces legal challenges, the film’s team stands firm on their belief in the integrity of their project. The biographical film, with its tableau of corruption, ambition and mentorship, remains a notable anticipated release. For the latest updates on ‘The Apprentice’ and more, head over to HitPlay.

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