Tom Brady Gets Triggered by Jeff Ross Joke During Roast: “Don’t Say That Sh** Again”

Tom Brady agreed to be roasted in Netflix’s The Greatest Roast of All Time, but one particular joke crossed the line for the future NFL Hall of Famer.

In one of the early moments from the comedy special, the seven-time Super Bowl champion stood up to whisper something to Jeff Ross after one of Ross’ jokes went viral.

As the “Roastmaster General,” Ross came on stage to roast Brady, delivering a quip that seemingly ticked off the former football player.

Ross brought up Brady’s origin story in the NFL: how he was drafted by the New England Patriots in the sixth round and became the 199th overall pick.

“So Tom became a Patriot and moved up to New England, and on the first day of training camp, that scrawny rookie famously walked into the owner Robert Kraft’s office and said, ‘I’m the best decision your organization has ever made. Would you like a massage?'” Ross joked.

The audience erupted with laughter, but the camera cut to Brady, who appeared visibly uncomfortable. Ross then turned to Kraft, who was in the audience, greeting him with blown kisses.

“I love Robert Kraft, I…” Ross began before Brady interrupted him, approached, and whispered in his ear, “Never say that sh** again.”

Ross acknowledged Brady’s request and reassured the audience that Kraft was “having fun” during the roast.

The joke likely hit a sensitive nerve as Kraft and others were charged with solicitation in 2019 as part of an anti-sex trafficking investigation into several Florida massage parlors. The Patriots owner ultimately had the misdemeanor charge dropped after courts blocked the use of video evidence gathered by police inside the parlors.

The roast also featured comedians Bert Kreischer, Tom Segura, Nikki Glaser, Andrew Schulz, Tony Hinchcliffe, and Sam Jay, along with former NFL players Randy Moss, Julian Edelman, Drew Bledsoe, and Rob Gronkowski.

Check out the Brady and Ross moment in the video below.

Wrapping Up

Despite the occasional jab hitting a nerve, the Greatest Roast of All Time managed to deliver the kind of raucous, irreverent humor expected from a roast, proving that even a legendary quarterback like Tom Brady isn’t immune to the comedic barbs.

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