Netflix to Stream Two NFL Christmas Games in 2024

The National Football League (NFL) is set to expand its streaming services offerings in 2024, with more exclusive content moving to online platforms. Following the success of broadcasting Thursday Night Football on Amazon and season games on ESPN+, 2024 will see major NFL games moving to the highest bidding streaming service. The league recently moved a playoff game to Peacock, demonstrating its new strategy. With key dates of the NFL schedule soon to be released, the plan for the 2024 Christmas Day games was disclosed early. The games, featuring Chiefs at Steelers and Ravens at Texans, will be streamed on Netflix. The NFL’s partnership with Netflix marks the streaming giant’s first venture into live sports.

NFL’s Calendar and Christmas Special

The NFL is expected to release its entire schedule on a forthcoming Wednesday night. However, they have already revealed some important dates, notably their plan for the Christmas Day games in 2024. Traditionally, the NFL has scheduled games on Christmas Day. This year, despite Christmas falling on a Wednesday, the league is continuing this tradition. The matchups for the day will be Chiefs at Steelers and Ravens at Texans.

Beyond the matchups, the real story lies in the announcement that these games will be streamed exclusively on Netflix. This marks Netflix’s debut as a broadcaster of live sports, as they now enter the arena in partnership with a top-tier league.

NFL – Netflix Partnership

The NFL’s move to Netflix is part of a three-year deal between the two entities. This agreement grants the streaming service exclusive access to one holiday game each year until 2026.

This partnership will almost certainly generate a significant revenue stream for NFL. In a similar deal, NFL previously secured over $100 million for a playoff game with Peacock. However, NFL’s expanding streaming strategy signals a significant change for fans, who until recently could watch all the games via traditional broadcast means. The move to Netflix means that in 2024, NFL fans will need subscription to four different services to access all the games. This divergence is a notable change in NFL’s approach compared to just five years ago.

Wrapping Up

The NFL’s progression into digital streaming is a clear indication of changing trends in sports broadcasting. As seen in their collaborations with Amazon, ESPN+, Peacock, and now Netflix, the NFL seems to be diving deep into the streaming revolution. While this shift may pose a shift in user experience, it stands as a testament to the increasing influence of streaming services in live sports broadcasts. To stay up-to-date on future developments and to enjoy your favorite shows, feel free to visit HitPlay.

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