‘And Just Like That’ Season 3: Karen Pittman Exits, Nya Won’t Return

The highly anticipated third season of the “Sex and the City” spinoff series, “And Just Like That”, is creating quite a buzz. This revamp of the original HBO series, which ran from 1998 to 2004, returned to screens in December 2021, stirring up a multitude of reactions and discussions among its viewers.

The show’s story, with its dramatic twists and character changes since its precursor, has faced a mixed response. While some fans have commended the series for its bold moves, such as the sudden killing off of character Mr. Big, others have voiced disappointment over notable changes like Samantha’s absence and the breakup of couple Miranda and Steve. The series’ showrunner, Michael Patrick King, defends his decisions, reiterating his intent to breathe new life into a traditional series.

An overview of the third season of “And Just Like That” reveals potential character exits and newly unfolding storylines. Though officially slated for a third season, ongoing labor disputes with the WGA and SAG-AFTRA caused fan anticipation to linger until 2025.

Season two ended on a high note in August 2023 with significant plot twists. Following a rekindling of their romance, characters Carrie and Aidan parted ways, leaving their future uncertain. Meanwhile, Miranda reconciles with Steve post-divorce and unexpectedly runs into her former partner, Che Diaz. Drama also ensues for Anthony, as he grapples with the complexities of commitment with his boyfriend, Guiseppe. Amid all this, there’s a hint of romance in the cards for Nya with a Michelin chef, adding an extra pinch of intrigue to the series.

As fans eagerly await the new season, two major cast departures are potentiated. Reports suggest that Sara Ramirez, portraying the character Che Diaz, might leave the cast due to controversy surrounding their character. Karen Pittman, known for her role as Nya Wallace, is also expected to exit due to her commitments to other series.

The return of characters like Aidan and Samantha, popular from the original series, is another curiosity. While Aidan’s stand in the upcoming season remains nebulous after his retreat to Virginia, chances of Samantha reappearing after her season two cameo seem bleak. A glimpse of Season 3’s vision is seen in the show’s finale scene, as Carrie and Seema ponder love’s trials and tribulations on a Greek beach.

As filming is set to begin in May 2024 according to cast member Nicole Ari Parade, fans’ anticipation builds up for what’s to come in this beloved series.

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