‘Dave the Diver’ Is Available Free for PS Plus Subscribers

Starting from April 16, subscribers of PS Plus on PS4 and PS5 can access the highly-rated video game, Dave the Diver, free of charge. The free offer is specifically meant for PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium subscribers at its release on PS4 and PS5. However, the offer will not cover those with the PS Plus Essential subscription, the lowest subscription tier. Dave the Diver has garnered an impressive fan base since its advent in 2023. Noted among the outstanding games of the year, it has earned a 90 on Metacritic, and a remarkable 97% approval rate across nearly 90,000 user reviews on Steam.

A Brief Recap of ‘Dave the Diver’

It is worth noting that Dave the Diver, was initially available only on PC and Nintendo Switch before its scheduled release on PS4 and PS5. Developed by Mintrocket, the exciting game is a blend of daytime deep-sea exploration and fishing. At nighttime, players switch to managing a sushi restaurant. On this quest with Dave and his intriguing friends, gamers uncover the secrets of the mysterious Blue Hole.

For those considering the game via the subscription service, be ready to spend roughly 25 hours on the game, and possibly closer to 50 hours for completionists. The duration the game will be free on PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium is yet to be announced, but it is guaranteed to span several months at least.

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Wrapping Up

The upcoming release of Dave the Diver on PS4 and PS5 represents a riveting opportunity for PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium subscribers to explore the intriguing world of Dave and his friends. The immersive gaming experience, coupled with its free availability for a limited period, makes it an exciting option in the gaming world. Stay updated on more releases and exclusive deals at HitPlay.

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