Minecraft Finally Arrives on PS5 – Play Now!

A native version of Minecraft is set to debut on the PlayStation 5, according to Mojang. Until now, the only option for PS5 players was to purchase the PS4 version. Developing a native PS5 version promises improved performance, including smoother gameplay experiences.

Getting Started

Players will need a PS5 and the PS4 version of Minecraft. Once launched, the PS5 version can be accessed by navigating to Settings and selecting Preview. This will allow access to the Tricky Trials Update, trial chambers, Realms, crafting new items such as a mace, and more.

Preview Version Limitations

The preview version is a test build, which may present glitches and bugs not typically encountered in the main game version. During this phase, players are restricted from accessing the Minecraft Store and can only participate in multiplayer with friends who own PS4 and PS5 consoles. However, Realms will still be available for cross-platform play with friends on other devices.

New Animated Minecraft Series on Netflix

Additionally, during Minecraft’s 15th anniversary celebrations, an animated Minecraft series was announced for Netflix. The announcement was made through a trailer featuring a lone Creeper, which leads into a view of a blocky, lava-filled cavern in the Nether, ultimately revealing Netflix’s ‘N’ logo.

Wrapping Up

The native PS5 version of Minecraft is highly anticipated by the community, given its potential to leverage the enhanced capabilities of the PS5 console. Players are encouraged to try out the preview version and provide feedback for refinement. For the latest games and updates, visit HitPlay.

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