Splatoon 3 Sizzle Season Unveils New Map, Weapons, and More

The upcoming new season for the popular online multiplayer video game, Splatoon 3, known as Sizzle Season 2024, is set to bring a host of exhilarating features for gamers worldwide. Slated to kick off on June 1st, this season is expected to introduce a new stage called the Lemuria Hub, a couple of novel weapons, and much more, adding an extra flavor to the gaming experience.

New Weapons and Features

One of the significant additions includes the Wellstring V, a new Stringer weapon, and the other being the Mint Decavitator, a new Splatana, which adds a quirky touch, as it resembles a tube of toothpaste used as a sword. These features aim to freshen up the strategies and tactics that players can deploy during their Splatoon 3 battles.

Additionally, the Salmon Run mode gets a revamp with the Big Big Run, where players will have to combat the menacing Triumvirate, consisting of all three King Salmonids, namely Cohozuna, Horrorboros, and Megalodontia. Nintendo has labeled Big Big Run as chaotic, stirring both thrill and apprehension among players.

Splatoon 3’s Possible Curtain Call

By the end of the newly released trailer, there’s an intriguing sight of a Jellyfish trudging through a desert carrying a bag with logos of all three idol groups from the Splatoon franchise. This setup has sparked speculations about a possible final Splatfest competition involving the three groups. Although unconfirmed yet, many speculate if this could be the Final Fest for Splatoon 3.

Rumors also imply that Nintendo might be planning to cease the release of new content for Splatoon 3, directing their resources towards crafting another game for the company’s next console. However, official confirmation on this matter is yet to be received.

June Nintendo Direct

A probable elucidation on these rumors could be served in the forthcoming Nintendo Direct presentation in June. Although it’s set after the start of Sizzle Season, it could be the perfect platform for Nintendo to provide clarity on the future of Splatoon 3’s new content and to announce the next Splatfest theme, succeeding this month’s competition.

Wrapping Up

With the anticipation for Sizzle Season 2024 mounting, all eyes are set on what this season will unfold and the future course of Splatoon 3. Players worldwide are eagerly awaiting more details in the coming weeks. If you wish to stay updated about the latest happenings in the world of gaming, head over to HitPlay.

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