Nintendo Unveils Switch 2 Announcement Date, Upcoming Direct Event

Nintendo announced plans for revealing the successor to its successful gaming console, the Switch. Shuntaro Furukawa, Nintendo’s president, stated that the highly anticipated “Switch 2” would be unveiled before the end of the company’s current fiscal year ending March 2025. Furukawa also mentioned that a new Nintendo Direct presentation is scheduled for June 2024, with its focus squarely on the software line-up for the current console. However, the June presentation will not discuss the upcoming successor to the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Shares Future Plans

Earlier today, Furukawa revealed Nintendo’s strategy for the future on Twitter. He confirmed the presentation of the next Nintendo Direct is set for June and emphasized that it will contain information regarding the gaming titles set for release on the current Nintendo Switch system. Over nine years have passed since the original Switch’s existence was revealed in March 2015. Furukawa has asked fans to bear in mind that the June presentation will not touch upon the successor to the Nintendo Switch.

What to Expect from the June Nintendo Direct

The June presentation of the Nintendo Direct aligns with the company’s tradition of holding significant reveals in this month, usually outlining plans for the holiday season. During the previous year’s presentation, several new games like Super Mario Bros. Wonder and the Super Mario RPG remake were announced. As of now, Nintendo has two first-party games set for release in 2024: Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door and Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD. Both of these games are slated for launch in May and June, respectively.

This year, Nintendo appears to focus on smaller games and remakes of existing titles. Speculations are rife that games such as Another Code: Recollection and the Mario vs. Donkey Kong remake will fill out the final year of the Switch, while studios like Nintendo EPD and Next Level Games are engrossed with the development of titles for the future Switch 2.

Future of Nintendo’s Gaming Consoles

While the company promises the Switch 2’s unveiling before the end of its fiscal year, several fans speculate that the system will likely be released within this time frame as well. Prevailing rumors suggest a March 2025 launch date, making it eight years since the initial Nintendo Switch’s release. There were predictions about the system’s launch in late 2024; however, multiple outlets have reported that the system’s release has been delayed. The catalog of launch games remains under wraps, with many anticipating a new 3D Mario game in the vein of Super Mario Odyssey.

Wrapping Up

Nintendo’s new development plans have stirred an excitement across their fanbase. The clarity regarding its upcoming and current titles during the June presentation and the successor to its popular Switch console promises an exciting future. What are your views regarding the upcoming Nintendo Direct in June, and when do you predict the fresh Nintendo console will be unveiled? To keep updated with Nintendo’s news and other video game announcements, make sure to visit HitPlay.

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