‘Bridgerton’ Season 4 Seems to Be Setting Up Francesca as Lead

Popular Netflix show, Bridgerton, is subtly positioning Francesca Bridgerton, played by Hannah Dodd, as the potential lead for its fourth season. This was particularly evident during the first half of the third season, where Francesca was seen preparing for her debut and trying to sort out her desires in a suitor, an already complex task that became even trickier with the arrival of John Stirling, played by Victor Ali.

Spectating Francesca’s Journey

Francesca’s character reintroduction succeeded the departure of Ruby Stokes, who had portrayed the role in the series’ first two seasons. Stokes left in pursuit of other professional opportunities and starred in Netflix’s short-lived series, Lockwood & Co. Dodd discussed the challenge of taking over a character previously played by someone else, stating she just wanted to do a good job.

Is Season 4 about Francesca?

Francesca played a lesser role in the first two seasons of Bridgerton, due to her young age. However, she stepped into the spotlight in season three, becoming a prominent figure as she made her debut into society. Nevertheless, despite her smooth debut, it became clear she was unprepared for marriage. Her critical search for a suitable husband has begun to hint towards her becoming the main focus of the series.

Linking Francesca’s Existing Relationships

Apart from her own personal development, Francesca has mentioned the relationships of Violet and Edmund, and her siblings Daphne, Anthony, Benedict and Eloise as examples of ideal love. Seeing so many love matches around her, Francesca appears determined not to settle for less. All signs seem to point to her leading the show’s fourth season.

Francesca’s Suitor: John Stirling

Book readers in Bridgerton’s fan base might predict Francesca’s bittersweet marriage to John, a development described in Francesca’s novel, When He Was Wicked. After marrying, John abruptly passes away, leading Francesca to eventually finding love with John’s cousin, Michael Stirling. The third season of Bridgerton, with its introduction of John and a brewing romance between him and Francesca, lends weight to this prediction.

Wrapping Up

While it’s unclear who will be the main focus for season 4 of Bridgerton, all signs are pointing towards Francesca. Her trials, tribulations, and developing relations are indicative of a mounting spotlight on her character. For additional streaming options, head over to HitPlay.

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