Scarlett Johansson’s Husband Jokes They Need Marvel Money to Cover Bad Ferry Bet

Comedian Colin Jost, Scarlett Johansson’s husband, enjoys the benefits that accompany the union. One half of the Weekend Update, Jost and Pete Davidson revealed a while back that they had invested on a decommissioned Ferry.

Jost Playfully References Wife’s Marvel Career

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During a recent Saturday Night Live segment, Colin Jost, 41, humorously illustrated a potential consequence of the absence of a Marvel movie from the summer movie season’s start—a first occurrence since 2009. He joked that many people dependent on Marvel film revenue would face difficulties for their purchased ferries, a playful hint at his own recent acquisition of a Staten Island Ferry boat.

Pete Davidson and Colin Jost’s Staten Island Ferry Project Progresses Despite Delays

Jokes aside, Pete Davidson and Colin Jost’s vision for a floating entertainment venue on a decommissioned Staten Island Ferry is slowly but surely taking shape. It’s been nearly two years since the comedic duo, along with partners including comedy-club owner Paul Italia and architect Ron Castellano, embarked on this unique venture, purchasing the ferry for $280,000.

The Journey So Far

The ferry, named the John F. Kennedy, has seen its share of headlines since Davidson and Jost announced their purchase. Initially, the project was met with skepticism, particularly as the ferry remained docked at Staten Island, seemingly untouched. Locals reported little to no activity at the site, fueling rumors of a stalled project.

However, Davidson revealed on a podcast with Seth Meyers that behind the scenes, there was significant progress, including regular conference calls and detailed planning. Davidson noted that he and Colin Jost were very stoned when they bought the ferry boat and wished itturns into a Transformer and gets the f— out of there, so I can stop paying for it.” Jost replied with an Instagram post, “Is it worse that I was actually stone-cold sober?” he also begged fans to come and check them out on the “Ferry Money Tour!”

Architectural Plans and Future Vision

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The involvement of Ron Castellano, confirmed by NYT, an experienced architect known for his work on historic renovations, brings a serious edge to what might otherwise be seen as a whimsical project. Castellano’s plans for the ferry are extensive, with computer-generated renderings showing a transformed space that respects the vessel’s 1965 origins while introducing modern luxuries.

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According to Castellano’s firm, Studio Castellano, the future of the John F. Kennedy includes a top deck complete with patio tables and umbrellas, hotel rooms with access to sundecks, and two lower-level clubs. The proposed $34 million renovation will also feature two restaurants and six bars, promising a vibrant mix of dining and entertainment options.

Wrapping Up

Despite early delays and the occasional joke about their nautical venture, Davidson and Jost’s project illustrates their commitment to creating a standout venue that could redefine New York City’s entertainment landscape. As the ferry continues to undergo its transformation, the anticipation builds for what could become one of the city’s most unique attractions. For updates on this and more innovative entertainment news, stay tuned to Hitplay.

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