Jensen Ackles Drops ‘Supernatural’ Easter Egg in ‘Tracker’

The iconic “Supernatural” character, Dean Winchester, was subtly acknowledged in the debut of Jensen Ackles on “Tracker.” This tribute happened in the episode of the CBS series which aired on Sunday, May 12 when Justin Hartley’s character Colter reunited with his estranged brother, Russell, played by Ackles.

Recap of Ackles’ Debut on ‘Tracker’

The episode saw Colter assisting Russell to locate his former army buddy who disappeared after weeks of exhibiting paranoid tendencies. The reminiscence of “Supernatural” became apparent when Colter fetched Russell from a motel. Here, Russell harked back to his ‘Supernatural’ days by proceeding to the passenger seat after patting a Chevrolet Impala stationed next to Colter’s pick-up truck.

Significance of the Chevrolet Impala

Fans of Jensen Ackles would likely spot this as an allusion to his previous work. After all, Ackles rose to fame for his role as Dean Winchester in the hit series “Supernatural” wherein he acted alongside Jared Padalecki, who played the character of Sam Winchester. In the series, Dean Winchester inherited a Chevrolet Impala, endearingly dubbed “Baby,” from his father, John Winchester, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan. This vehicle was instrumental in the Winchester brothers’ supernatural adventures.

‘Supernatural’ Legacy: Ackles Took Home the Iconic Impala

When “Supernatural” concluded, Ackles expressed his wish to bring the Impala with him. In an interview with Digital Spy in September 2020, he confirmed that he had been given permission to take the iconic car home after years of negotiation. That same month on the “Inside of You” podcast hosted by Michael Rosenbaum, Ackles shared that a clause concerning the Impala had been added to his contract.

Post ‘Supernatural’ Career of Ackles

Following “Supernatural,” Ackles appeared in guest roles in projects such as “Big Sky” and “The Boys” and directed an episode of Jared Padalecki’s The CW reboot “Walker,” in which he also had a cameo. He served as an executive producer and narrator on the “Supernatural” spin-off series “The Winchesters” which ran between 2022 and 2023.

New Role in ‘Tracker’

Currently, Ackles is expected to have a significant role on the CBS series “Tracker.” The audience was given glimpses of the strained relationship between Russell and Colter, a story arc that will presumably be developed further. Despite not fully reconciling, the brothers launched an investigation into Special Forces missions, shadowy off-book programs, and conspiracy theories.

Moreover, Hartley expressed optimism about Ackles’ return for more episodes in the second season of “Tracker.” He shared his belief that Ackles was the perfect choice for the role of Russell Shaw due to his appeal and credibility.

Wrapping Up

“Tracker” is broadcasted on CBS Sundays at 9 p.m. ET with new episodes being streamed the following day on Paramount+. For those interested in watching their favorite stars in action, make sure to visit HitPlay.

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