Young Sheldon Finale Features Big Bang Theory Easter Egg

The TV series, Young Sheldon, wrapped up after seven seasons on CBS on Thursday night. This concluded Sheldon Cooper’s journey that spanned a total of 19 seasons, including 12 more on The Big Bang Theory — amounting to a whopping 420 episodes. Dedicated fans who saw every installment should be on the lookout for an easter egg from The Big Bang Theory hidden in the final episode of Young Sheldon.

Behind the Scene Insights

According to showrunner Steve Holland, viewers would be hard-pressed to identify the easter egg. In an exchange Sheldon has with a professor on the Caltech campus, viewers get to see David Saltzberg, who had been the science consultant for both of these shows since the very beginning of The Big Bang Theory.

Holland spoke with Entertainment Weekly about this strategic cameo, stating that acknowledging Saltzberg’s contribution was more significant than having a Big Bang actor make an appearance.

Recognizing Contributions

The showrunner explained that while the makers considered roping in an actor from The Big Bang Theory for the role, they decided against it to avoid any distractions. It was determined that apart from Chuck Lorre and Jim Parsons, Saltzberg had spent the most time with Sheldon’s character as he had started from the first Big Bang Theory pilot. This formed a fitting tribute to honor him for all the contributions he had made to both shows over the past 16 years.

More Sheldon-verse Adventures

Your Sheldon-fix won’t end just because Young Sheldon has wrapped up. You don’t need to bid your Flash shirt goodbye just yet. There are more stories in the exciting Sheldonverse to look forward to.

Wrapping Up

The sentimental journey that began with The Big Bang Theory and culminated with Young Sheldon spanned a good part of 16 years, offering 420 episodes of warm, funny, and occasionally emotional enjoyments. The creators went all in for the finale, hiding an easter egg, much to the delight of the keen observers and dedicated fans.

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