Elden Ring DLC Slammed for Difficulty, Performance Issues

Elden Ring’s Shadow of the Erdtree DLC has received mixed user ratings on Steam. Players have expressed concerns about the difficulty level and performance issues on the PC version.

Performance and Difficulty Issues

An aggregate score of approximately 15,000 players has highlighted these challenges, despite the DLC’s critical acclaim. While many players praise the game’s stunning presentation and world-building, others are critical of the capped FPS and stuttering, as well as the “bosses with jerky roll-catch movements and numerous unrealistic actions”.

Some players have voiced their dissatisfaction with the overall experience. One user commented that the game involved long stretches of running to collect random consumables, which they never used, against challenging bosses they found tedious. Another user stated that the game was “literally unplayable,” explaining that they had been unable to open the game since launch despite trying various solutions.

User Feedback

Another player felt that the DLC reused assets from the base game without much innovation, making it less worth the $40 price tag. This sentiment was echoed by other players who expected more from the expansion. One such user noted they had extensive experience with FromSoftware’s titles, but still could not recommend the current state of the DLC.

Issues with balancing were also a common complaint, with some players finding that even with high vigor (60), they were still easily defeated by most enemies. This problem was particularly pronounced with bosses, who seemed designed to be overwhelmingly challenging with minimal openings for players to exploit.

Assistance from Elden Ring Experts

If accessing the DLC is proving difficult, experienced Elden Ring players are offering help. The DLC requires defeating both Starscourge Radahn and Mohg, Lord of Blood. Many players have yet to overcome these bosses, prompting experts in the game to provide support to those struggling.

Developer Perspective

Hidetaka Miyazaki, the creator of FromSoftware’s Soulsborne games, recently commented on the game’s difficulty. He asserted that reducing the game’s difficulty would detract from the sense of achievement that is fundamental to the experience. According to Miyazaki, the challenge is integral to the game’s identity and success.

While some players continue to enjoy Elden Ring and its expansions, the reception to Shadow of the Erdtree highlights areas where player expectations have not been met. Contributor Alexis from Eurogamer shared mixed feelings, appreciating the base game but feeling less enthusiastic about the DLC.

Wrapping Up

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