Charlie Puth Grateful to Taylor Swift for Prompting New Single Release

Prominent pop icon, Charlie Puth, expressed his gratefullness to fellow singer-songwriter, Taylor Swift, as an inspiration during the creation of his recent musical project. As Puth was preparing to launch his yet to be released single, “Hero”, he took to Instagram to credit Swift’s message within her latest album and its effect on his music.

Puth’s Anticipation for “Hero”

During his announcement about the pending release of “Hero” on Tuesday, May 21, Puth wrote about his enthusiasm for sharing his new music with his audience. Swift’s influence played a key role in his decision to unveil this unique composition, a track that notably deviates from his usual music style. “Hero” is expected to be available to listeners on Friday, May 24.

Taylor Swift’s Reference to Puth on New Album

Swift, in her 11th studio album named “The Tortured Poets Department” released the previous month, had acknowledged Puth in the title song. Lyrics included Swift’s conviction that Puth’s career deserved greater recognition, a noteworthy endorsement from the seasoned artist.

Puth Reciprocates Mention of “Hero”

Correspondingly, Puth advantaged his announcement of “Hero” to repay the compliment. Puth admitted to feeling a measure of trepidation when being extremely candid in his music. However, he felt Swift’s recognition to be a prompt to launch his new song. In a quirky move, Puth incorporated Swift’s own words into his promotional content for “Hero”.

“Hero”: A Challenging Project

Puth spoke about the forthcoming release of “Hero”, describing the track’s narrative of witnessing the self-destructive behavior of a loved one. Writing this song was a difficult task for the artist, perhaps contributing to his initial reluctance to share it.

Puth’s Connection with Matty Healy

Apart from Swift’s endorsement, Puth had also received previous commendation from Matty Healy, an artist rumored to have been romantically linked with Swift. Healy’s admiration was for Puth’s work on the track “If You Leave Me Now” in collaboration with Boyz II Men off his second album, “Voicenotes”.

Swift’s Affinity for Mentioning Artists

Swift’s penchant for highlighting industry peers in her songs is noteworthy. The title track of her latest album references not just Puth, but also acclaimed poet Dylan Thomas and rock musician Patti Smith. Smith acknowledged her mention in Swift’s song via Instagram and noted her pride at being identified in tandem with the revered poet.

Speculated References

Swift’s song fosters further speculation about allusions to other members of the music industry. Fan theories suggest that references to “Lucy” and “Jack” could signify artists Lucy Dacus and Jack Antonoff, respectively, giving further meat to the fascinating rumour mill that swirls around the pop star’s work.

Wrapping Up

The exchange of respect and admiration between artists such as Puth and Swift elucidates the interconnectedness of the music industry and the profound impact artists can have on each other. As we anticipate the release of Puth’s latest single, “Hero”, one can’t help but wonder how Swift’s influence might have shaped the song. For more music industry insights, be sure to visit HitPlay.

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