Did Charlie Puth Actually React to Taylor Swift’s ‘TTPD’ Name-Drop?

American singer-songwriter Charlie Puth signaled his rise to increased fame by debuting a brand-new single titled “Hero” on TikTok. This followed shortly after Taylor Swift, unexpectedly dropped his name in her latest album, sparking fan theories about the possible implications.

Charlie Puth’s New Release

At the age of 32, Puth took to TikTok on May 3 to reveal “Hero,” his latest work. The singer expressed that the previous weeks had been eventful and he felt compelled to share his new creation. With a note of hesitancy regarding the candid honesty in his lyrics, Puth admitted he had been hesitant about releasing the song which had been sitting on his hard drive for some time, yet felt a nudge to release it. The song is slated for general release on May 24 as the opening single of his upcoming album.

Taylor Swift’s Unexpected Shout-out to Puth

Fans of Taylor Swift were caught off guard when she referred to Puth in her eleventh studio album, “The Tortured Poets Department,” released on April 19. The reference left fans speculating about a possible link between Swift’s album and Puth’s new release. Not long after Swift’s album was out, Puth reshared one of her recording studio photos on his Instagram Story. In the album’s title track, Swift sings, presumably about an unidentified ex-partner believed to be Matty Healy, that he and she had declared that Puth should be a more prominent artist.

Fan Theories and Swift-Puth Connection

Swift’s fans flooded Puth’s TikTok with comments suggesting the caption of his new song was congruent with the lyrics from Swift’s album which mentioned him. Puth’s phrase “you know who you are” was flagged by fans as a famous reference. Swift was on an American tour for her “Eras” album during her brief relationship with Healy in spring 2023. Healy, the frontman for The 1975, attended several of Swift’s concerts in the U.S. before they parted ways in May that year.

Swift’s Love Life and its Influence on her Music

Following her split with Healy, Swift entered a relationship with NFL star Travis Kelce. Healy, on the other hand, has been reportedly seeing Gabbriette Bechtel. Despite her changing love life, Swift’s portrayals of her relationships, including that with Healy, have been mostly positive according to close sources. It seems that Healy and Swift’s previous partner, actor Joe Alwyn, as well as current boyfriend Kelce, have influenced her latest songs.

Wrapping Up

The interplay between Taylor Swift and Charlie Puth’s music continues to intrigue fans, especially following the surprise name-drop in Swift’s latest album. Whether or not the song “Hero” provides an answer to these theories remains to be seen post its release on May 24. Stay tuned to HitPlay for updates on your favorite artists and their latest releases.

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