Dive into Love’s Second Chance: Priyanka Chopra and Celine Dion Sparkle in Final ‘Love Again’ Trailer 2023

In the latest romantic comedy to hit the screens, Mira Ray, coping with the tragic loss of her betrothed, mistakenly sends intimate text messages to his previous mobile number. Unknown to her, these messages land in Rob Burns’ inbox, his latest line of communication for work purposes. As a journalist, the raw sincerity in Mira’s beautifully poignant text messages intrigues and fascinates him. An unexpected turn of events occurs when he’s tasked to create a profile on the high-profile singing sensation Celine Dion, in her inaugural appearance on the silver screen. Inspired and determined, Rob ropes in Dion to hatch a riveting plan to capture Mira’s heart. An innocent text message could be the spark to kick start a whirlwind romance – who knew?

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