‘Vanderpump Villa’ Cast Says Reunion Special is a Must

The Vanderpump Villa cast members are contemplating the idea of coming together for a reunion special on Hulu. This comes after an intense first season filled with glamour, drama, and romantic encounters. In a candid conversation with Us Weekly, cast members Priscilla Ferrari, Grace Cottrell, and Nikki Millman expressed their hopes of discussing some of the notable moments of the season.

Seeking Closure for a Thrilling Season

The 23-year-old star, Cottrell, thinks a reunion would be a great opportunity to gain closure. However, the actual occurrence of this reunion remains uncertain. Priscilla Ferrari, on the other hand, expressed her desire to interact with her co-stars after having watched the entire season. Ferrari, who quit the show after seven episodes due to conflicts with other cast members, believes she has more to discuss after having observed the scenarios play out.

A Glimpse into Vanderpump Villa

The reality show Vanderpump Villa, a branch off from Vanderpump Rules, premiered in April. Set in Lisa Vanderpump’s plush French villa Château Rosabelle, the series tracks the villa staff’s lives as they cater to their distinguished guests. First season offered a dynamic cocktail of work, leisure, unexpected disputes and dramatic withdrawals. Ferrari, who supported her decision to leave the show, is open to the idea of a comeback, albeit with a new group of cast members.

Arrival of New Cast Member

Ferrari hints at a potential change in her approach in the future, derived from her experiences in the first season. As for Nikki Millman, the new cast member, she expressed her excitement to retrospect the first season of Vanderpump Villa along with her fellow cast members. Despite joining the show towards the end, Nikki had nothing but praise for the series and the experiences it provided. Vanderpump Villa is accessible for streaming on Hulu, with fresh episodes made available on Mondays.

Wrapping Up

Considering how eventful the first season of Vanderpump Villa was, a reunion special could offer the audience a fascinating insight into the cast’s perspective on how the season unfolded. As of now, the plans for this reunion remain uncertain. For more exciting updates and to stay informed about the latest trending shows, visit HitPlay.

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