Beyonce Drops ‘II Most Wanted’ Duet With Miley Cyrus in ‘Cowboy Carter’

Beyoncé unveils her collaboration with Miley Cyrus in a new love song “II Most Wanted” from her long-anticipated country album, ‘Cowboy Carter.’ The album was launched on March 29, marking a new direction in Beyoncé’s music style. “II Most Wanted” has become a firm favorite among fans since its release, with many deeming it an “iconic classic.”

The Collaboration

The track delves into the theme of long-term relationships, opening with the lyrics: “Know we’re jumpin’ the gun, but we’re both still young/ One day, we won’t be/ Didn’t know what I want ’til I saw your face/ Say goodbye to the old me.” The song then transcends to the littany of ‘I’ll be your shotgun rider ’til the day I die/ Smoke out the window flyin’ down the 405/ I’ll be your backseat baby, drivin’ you crazy/ Anytime you like.’ The duo’s harmonious performance has elicited a tremendous outpouring of fans’ excitement on social media platforms.

Fan Reactions

Fans effused their sentiments via various posts, with comments like “Destiny Hope and Destiny Child on the same song is history,” referencing Beyonce’s former girl group Destiny’s Child, and Cyrus’s birth name, Destiny Hope. Some fans used this momentous occasion to call for a full Beyonce and Miley album.

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Other Lyrics

In the rest of the song, Miley Cyrus takes her solo verse singing: “Making waves in the wind with my empty hand/ My other hand on you.” This verse is followed by Beyoncé’s line “Been a while since I haven’t tried to pull away/ But it’s time for something new.” It remains uncertain whether these lyrics were inspired by their relationships.

Personal Lives

Beyoncé has been married to hip-hop mogul Jay-Z since 2008, and they are parents of Blue Ivy, 12, and twins Rumi and Sir, six. On the other hand, Miley Cyrus has been romantically involved with drummer Maxx Morando since 2021.

Past Collaborations

This is not the first time Miley Cyrus has shared the stage with Beyoncé. They performed together as part of a Stand Up for Cancer event in 2008, along with Mary J. Blige, Mariah Carey, Rihanna, and Leona Lewis. Cyrus has spoken about this past experience on her TikTok series, “Used to Be Young.”

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Cowboy Carter

Cyrus’s feature comes as part of an assemblage of major artists on ‘Cowboy Carter.’ The album consists of 27 tracks and collaborations with artists like Post Malone, Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson, and Linda Martell. Despite rumors, Taylor Swift, The Chicks, and Lady Gaga did not make it to the album’s track list.

Wrapping Up

Beyoncé released two tracks from ‘Cowboy Carter’ in advance in February, “Texas Hold ‘Em” and “16 Carriages.” These became the precursor to her album, which marks a deep dive into the history of country music. Her Instagram post further clarified that ‘Cowboy Carter’ is not a country album but a ‘Beyoncé’ album. ‘Cowboy Carter’ is available now. Want to listen? Head over to HitPlay

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