Where Is Miranda Derrick from ‘Dancing for the Devil’ Now?

Netflix’s latest documentary, Dancing for the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult, explores the intersection of social media, the dance community, and alleged coercive control. In February 2022, the Wilking family went viral after claiming that TikTok dancer Miranda Wilking, now known as Miranda Derrick, was under the control of alleged cult leader Robert Shinn. Investigations into Shinn revealed concerns about Miranda, her husband James Derrick, and other dancers reportedly being financially and emotionally controlled by 7M Films, despite their positive social media presence.

Who is Miranda Derrick (née Wilking)?

Miranda Derrick, originally from suburban Michigan, began dancing with her younger sister, Melanie. After high school, Miranda moved to Los Angeles to pursue a professional dance career, and Melanie joined her soon after. The sisters gained popularity with their social media profile “The Wilking Sisters”. In 2019, Miranda met James “BDash” Derrick through Instagram, and they began collaborating on dance videos. In late 2020, Miranda and BDash started working with 7M Films, a management company led by Shekinah Church pastor Robert Shinn, and joined his church.

Allegations Against 7M Films

In February 2022, Miranda’s family alleged via an Instagram Live that Miranda had joined a “cult” under Shinn’s control. They claimed she had cut all ties with them after signing with 7M in January 2021. Their allegations were covered by outlets like Rolling Stone and The Cut, which detailed Robert Shinn’s alleged history of abuse. In 2023, former dancers and church members filed a lawsuit against Shinn and others, accusing them of brainwashing and abuse.

Membership Status and Public Response

As of the documentary’s May 29 release, Miranda Derrick is still affiliated with 7M Films. Although 7M’s official roster is not publicly available, Miranda and BDash credit Shinn’s son Isaiah for filming their recent videos, which align with 7M’s style. Miranda has not commented directly on the documentary but has continued to share dance content on social media with restricted comments.

Miranda addressed the cult allegations in May 2022, stating she was not held against her will and that her time with 7M Films had been professionally rewarding. 7M Films also defended Miranda’s autonomy and criticized the allegations.

Relationship with Family

Miranda reconnected with her family after a period of estrangement. However, Melanie Wilking described their relationship as superficial. Following the documentary’s release, Melanie expressed hope that the victims would recognize their exploitation and indicated that her family would welcome them back without judgment.

Miranda attended Melanie’s wedding but was not part of the bridal party, indicating some ongoing distance in their relationship.

Wrapping Up

The story of Miranda Derrick and 7M Films highlights complex issues involving control, family estrangement, and social media influence. Keep up with the latest developments and explore more in-depth content on topics like these by visiting HitPlay.

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