Harry Styles Uses ‘Hacks’ Character Name for Hotel Check-Ins

Pop music artist and former One Direction member, Harry Styles, has a unique method for maintaining anonymity at hotels. Styles uses the name of a character from his favorite show, “Hacks,” to discretely check in, according to the show’s lead actress, Jean Smart.

Confirmation from Jean Smart

While appearing on “The Drew Barrymore Show,” Smart revealed Styles’ unusual concealment tactic. The actress, who plays the character of Deborah Vance on “Hacks,” explained how the discovery was made. Styles’ bodyguard was photographed with an envelope labeled ‘D Vance,’— Styles’ chosen pseudonym.

Styles Idolizes Hacks and Smart

Not only is Style’s fond of the character Deborah Vance but he also adores Jean Smart. Smart, who had never met Styles before, narrated an instance that confirmed his regard for her. After an episode featured her character collecting vintage salt and pepper shakers, Smart received flowers and a vintage salt shaker that resembled the one on the show.

Interaction with Harry Styles

Further, Smart disclosed that although she has not met Styles in person, he has shown his appreciation for her work. On knowing about Smart’s husband Richard Gilliland’s passing, Styles sent her and her son tickets to his concert, proving his admiration for Smart.

Hacks Series Overview

Hacks premiered in May 2021 on Max and is currently in its third season. The show features Smart as an aging Las Vegas comic who risks losing her residency unless she reinvents her act. Along comes a struggling writer deeply unsatisfied with her own career, and the two end up helping each other. The series was well-received. Smart bagged the Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series two years in a row and shared her emotion-laden gratitude in her acceptance speech as she remembered her late husband, Richard Gilliland.

Smart’s Personal Life

In an interview with The New Yorker, Smart opened up about the difficulties she faced while filming “Hacks” soon after her husband unexpectedly passed away. He was 71.

Wrapping up

Harry Styles’ subtle admiration for Jean Smart and “Hacks” not only show his warm personality but also elevate the popularity of “Hacks” to an exciting new level. To keep tabs with more interesting stories from the entertainment world, visit https://hitplay.app.

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