Lala Kent Reveals How She Told Daughter Ocean About Second Child

Vanderpump Rules star, Lala Kent, recently shared how she introduced the news of her second pregnancy to her first child, two-year-old Ocean. Being known for her fierce persona, she navigated this delicate subject with astute parental instincts, hinting at how she conveyed the exciting news. The details of this revelation and Ocean’s reaction are unique, demonstrating the child’s curiosity and interest.

Lala’s Approach to Revealing her Pregnancy

In a recent episode of her Give Them Lala podcast, Lala disclosed that the news was shared casually during an ordinary moment. “I didn’t really tell her in some big way,” Lala said, explaining that the news was conveyed when Ocean wanted to sit on her lap. “She wanted to sit on me or something and I said, ‘OK, we have to really careful because, guess what? Mama has a baby in her belly.’”

Ocean’s Reaction to the News

Unsurprisingly, Ocean’s response was laden with curiosity instead of shock. She enquired of her mother, ‘Do you have a baby in your belly?’ and when Lala affirmed, she proceeded to take a visual confirmation of the fact. According to Lisa, Lala’s mother, Ocean was quick to ascertain that she ‘doesn’t have a baby’ in her belly. The story drew amusement from listeners, hinting at the innocent excitement of a soon-to-be big sister.

Public Reception and Lala’s Perspective

Following Lala’s public announcement of her pregnancy via an Instagram post on March 3, the entrepreneur received torrential well wishes from fans and followers. The caption of the pregnancy reveal post, “I’m expanding my pod,” accompanied an affectionate picture of the visibly pregnant mother-to-be with Ocean. Evidently, Lala has expressed her decision to experience motherhood independently, sans partner involvement, likely influenced by her past relationship with ex-fiancé, Randall Emmett.

Lala’s words on Solo Motherhood

During a 2022 episode of Scheana Shay’s Scheananigans podcast, Lala had mentioned her decision to walk the path of motherhood alone. “There’s such a high chance of it not working out, especially where we live. I’m not taking the chance. Like, I am so scarred from all of this sh*t that has happened in my life,” she stated confidently.

Wrapping Up

The unfolding journey of Lala Kent during her second pregnancy is not just a personal narrative but also an influential beacon for those contemplating single parenthood. Keep up with more of these real-life stories on Vanderpump Rules or check out HitPlay for more engaging content.

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