Special Episode of Vanderpump Rules at James Kennedy’s Home on Peacock

Fans of Vanderpump Rules will enjoy additional humor related to the location of James Kennedy’s home in a special episode dubbed Vanderpump Rules: Secrets Revealed on Peacock. As shown in an exclusive clip from the highly anticipated episode, Lisa Vanderpump, the show’s star, visits the Burbank property of 32-year-old Kennedy and his partner Ally Lewber.

Highlights From the Home Visit

The episode features James giving Lisa a tour of his home, conveying his excitement and pride in his achievement. Lisa, equally thrilled, praises James for his accomplishments, noting his growth since he started working for her at a young age.

The tour reveals Ally Lewber’s office—the location for her astrology readings—and other significant features of their house. James also comments on the close proximity of their house to the airport, a fact often humorously pointed out during the 11th Season of Vanderpump Rules.

Proximity to the Airport Discussed

Despite the frequent onscreen remarks about the airport’s closeness to James and Ally’s house, James maintains a humorous perspective. In a statement given during Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, James discussed being unfazed by the noise from the airport despite living within a 10-minute driving distance.

A Look into James and Ally’s Relationship

The 28-year-old Lewber—who started dating James in January 2022—echoes similar sentiments about their proximity to the airport. The couple purchased their three-bedroom, two-bathroom Burbank home in March 2023 for $1 million. In her conversation with Lis,a she addressed the ongoing jokes about their home location, expressing her fondness for their residential location’s noisiness.

Living with their Dog Hippie

Season 11 of Vanderpump Rules also highlighted James and Ally’s life with their dog, Graham Cracker, also known as Hippie. The couple sleeps in the same bed with Hippie, establishing their routine, which Ally describes as her favorite part of the day. She also talks about being there for each other and their future.

Wrapping Up

The 11th season of Vanderpump Rules, presently streaming on Peacock, offers viewers more than just entertainment. It provides a glimpse into the lives, homes, and relationships of its stars. The much-anticipated Vanderpump Rules: Secrets Revealed, scheduled to stream on Wednesday, May 29, will feature never-before-seen moments exclusively on Peacock. Stream it here.

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