Phaedra Parks Discusses Feud in ‘The Traitors’

Phaedra Parks undeniably stood out in the thrilling second season of The Traitors. With her legendary comebacks, unforgettable quotes, and glamorous persona, she became a fan favorite and a source of entertainment we all were craving for. She survived longer than her other competitors, Parvati Shallow and Dan Gheesling, until she was expelled in the tenth episode by the remaining Faithful. But, what sparked the animosity between Phaedra and Dan?

The Phaedra-Dan Feud

Many fans feel that had it not been for Dan’s ill-timed actions that compromised her position in the game, Phaedra, a seasoned Bravo veteran, was on track to win. Not only did her abilities as a legal expert and her ability to perform under pressure work in her favor, but her fellow Bravo celebrities also played a part in protecting her. Did they have a premeditated strategy? Or was it a case of them winging it as the game progressed?
Phaedra, in her conversation with a media outlet, said, “While Kate was all about ‘playing for Bravo,’ I simply looked at my fellow Bravo stars as my extended family. So, I would always prioritize them over strangers, and I believe the gamers felt the same. I pretty much enjoyed everyone’s company, except for Dan’s.”

The Reason Behind Phaedra’s Disapproval of Dan’s Gameplay

While the second season’s online drama unfolded, Phaedra has been quite open about her dislike for Dan. The Big Brother winner irked Phaedra when he sabotaged her game, hoping to save himself, which backfired spectacularly with an epic takedown during a roundtable session.
Speaking about why she was bothered by Dan’s strategy in the game, she simply explained, “I’m loyal. You purposely break rules out of frustration when you’re losing; it’s indicative of your character. I do not consider such individuals trustworthy.”
In the aftermath of that heated roundtable, suspicion around Phaedra heightened. According to Phaedra, this change was solely due to Dan, “I was never under any suspicion,” she clarified. “Some parts may not have been aired, but I tried to assist him because of his peculiar behavior.”

Phaedra’s Game Plan

On the subject of her tactics in the game, Phaedra discussed her decision to let Dan take the lead initially, “When we started, Dan was a seasoned player,” she shared. “I know the judicial system, so, in a courtroom, I’d lead. But we were in a game here, and he was a Big Brother winner. If he proposed a reasonable argument, I’d agree since I lacked the knowledge of the gaming world.”

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Wrapping Up

Tensions seemingly rose and alliances fell apart in “The Traitors” Season 2. The feud between Phaedra Parks and Dan Gheesling has become buzzworthy for fans of the show, making it a subject of intense discussion. Although it’s a game, the strategic and, at times, controversial moves made by the players only add to the thrill and suspense. If you enjoyed the strategic twists and thrilling turns, then dive deeper into gripping dramas and movies with HitPlay.

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