Jax Taylor Denies His Bar’s Impact on His Marriage

The separation of former Vanderpump Rules co-stars Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor may not have been unsuspected, but the timing certainly turned heads. The duo, who left the Bravo reality show in 2020, were recently brought back into the limelight courtesy of fellow co-star Tom Scandoval. Just as media attention on the show heightened, a teaser was released in January for a new series called “The Valley,” featuring Britanny, Jax, and other former and new faces from Vanderpump Rules.

Brittany Announces Separation Before Show’s Debut

Less than two weeks before the new show’s debut, Brittany announced her separation from Jax, raising quite a stir. The timing of the announcement has led to speculation of it being a calculated public relations tactic. This has led to an increase in rumors surrounding the cause of their breakup. Amid the speculation, Jax recently addressed whether his new bar had any role in their split, using a platform known as X, formerly branded as Twitter.

On a thread discussing their relationship hiatus, a user commented their assertion that Jax owning a bar would not be conducive to a happy family. Jax quickly responded, insisting that the bar had nothing to do with their relationship issues and was in fact improving their relationship. This quick interaction demonstrated his careful attention to rumors swelling on social media.

Jax and Brittany Address Split on Their Podcast

During the February 29 episode of their podcast, Brittany shared her side of the story, informing listeners that she and Jax were spending time apart and she had decided to move into a different home to prioritize her mental health. Avoiding getting into too many details, she mentioned this was a tough topic for her to discuss and she didn’t know what the future held. Her main focus remains on being the best mother to their son, Cruz.

Did Brittany’s Mom Predict the Split?

Interestingly, some rumors about Jax’s new bar stem from comments made by Brittany’s mother, Sherri Cartwright. On the couple’s podcast, she had previously mentioned Jax suggesting that opening a bar could lead to a divorce. Despite this, Brittany expressed her optimism about the bar, emphasizing its inviting atmosphere not solely as a sports bar but a bar where women can also have an enjoyable night out.

The highly anticipated new series, The Valley, is scheduled to premiere on March 19 on Bravo. Viewers will likely be tuning in to see if more light is shed on the couple’s recent split.

Wrapping Up

So, what do you think was the cause of their split- was Jax’s bar involved? Or do you think their breakup was simply a publicity stunt? To join in on the buzz surrounding both classic and new TV series, check out HitPlay.

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