Joni Mitchell Ends Spotify Boycott, Returns Despite Rogan Controversy

Iconic musician, Joni Mitchell, has made a return to the popular music streaming platform Spotify, ending a two-year disagreement. This follow-up comes on the heels of the artist’s initial decision in 2021 to take down her songs in protest of the platform’s decision to continue hosting Joe Rogan’s podcast. Mitchell, like fellow musician Neil Young, were stark critics of Rogan for alleged misinformation about the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccines.

Fans Celebrate Return of Mitchell’s Music

Listeners noticed the change on March 21, marking the return of Mitchell’s complete music collection to Spotify. Excitement echoed through social media, with fans rejoicing over being able to access albums like 1971’s Blue and 1972’s For the Roses once again.

Spotify’s Response to Musicians’ Departure

Both Mitchell and Young left the platform after accusing Rogan’s podcast of spreading misinformation about the pandemic. Spotify’s CEO, Daniel Ek, responded by writing an open letter, asserting the site’s commitment to freedom of expression. Ek also mentioned the introduction of content advisories for podcast episodes discussing COVID-19.

Neil Young Returns to Spotify

Earlier this month, Neil Young also reinstated his music catalog to Spotify. Via his website, Young echoed hopes for improved Spotify sound quality and the ability for listeners to fully experience his music as it was intended in its original quality.

Wrapping Up

Despite past disagreements, it seems iconic musicians like Joni Mitchell and Neil Young are finding their way back to Spotify. Meanwhile, the music streaming platform continues to strike a balance between respecting the rights of all creators and securing the safety of their users. For more insights into the evolving music industry, visit us at HitPlay.

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