Are ‘Perfect Match’ Stars Harry Jowsey and Jessica Vestal Together?

Spoilers for Perfect Match season 2, episodes 1-6 ahead. While finding love on reality TV is inherently challenging, Harry Jowsey and Jessica Vestal from Perfect Match season 2 face an even more significant hurdle. Harry’s well-known reputation and complicated dating history precede him. He candidly admits in episode 3 that he’s “slept with pretty much every person on a Netflix reality show.” Jessica, fresh from her season 6 appearance on Netflix’s hit show, Love Is Blind, met Harry when Perfect Match was filmed in summer 2023 before her season even aired on Netflix.

From what we’ve observed in Perfect Match season 2, Jessica might be the right person to transform Harry from a notorious bachelor into a committed partner. However, we won’t know their final fate until the Perfect Match finale airs on June 21. Some hints about their relationship status have surfaced long before the show hit our screens. Continue reading to discover if Harry and Jessica’s romance endured beyond the Perfect Match villa.

What happened between Harry and Jessica on ‘Perfect Match’ season 2?

From the onset of Perfect Match season 2, the biggest challenge for Harry was his reputation. Known for getting between season 1 winners Dom Gabriel and Georgia Hassarati, Harry’s past was a significant obstacle. Despite his reputation, Harry asserts that therapy and self-help books have helped him pursue long-term commitment and marriage. Skepticism first emerges with his match, Elys Hutchinson from Too Hot to Handle. When Harry expresses a desire for more physical affection, Elys points out her difficulty in trusting him given his history. Harry’s indignant response highlights the tension.

Harry and Jessica quickly establish a connection when set up on a date. Jessica is willing to give Harry a chance, unaffected by his past. This fresh start allows Harry to try to be a more mature partner. However, Jessica stands her ground when Harry displays questionable behavior. For instance, upon discovering that Harry misrepresented his friendship with Elys, Jessica firmly states, “I will not be in the graveyard of relationships that were ruined being associated with you.”

Later, tension arises when Harry’s “best friend” Dom questions Harry’s intentions. Jessica insists on addressing her concerns, leading Harry to become emotional. Jessica apologizes, suggesting she overthought the situation. Despite the incident, they remain one of the strongest couples as the next batch of episodes approaches.

Are Harry and Jessica still together after ‘Perfect Match’ season 2?

Jessica and Harry’s relationship appears to have ended. In his podcast Boyfriend Material, Harry revealed he had a secret relationship while filming Dancing With the Stars in fall 2023. Rumors suggested he was dating his dance partner, 18-year-old Rylee Arnold. Harry indicated that these rumors strained his relationship, contributing to their breakup, although he did not reveal his ex’s identity.

Harry and Jessica were spotted in Mexico last September, looking happy together. The photographs didn’t emerge until March of this year when Love Is Blind season 6 confirmed Jessica’s identity. The timeline suggests they briefly dated post-Perfect Match and separated in early fall 2023. Jessica disclosed she was single when her Love Is Blind season aired, implying their romance was temporary.

Wrapping Up

While Harry and Jessica’s journey on Perfect Match showcased potential growth and connection, their relationship did not withstand the test of time. For more updates and to keep up with the latest in reality TV and entertainment, visit HitPlay.

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