Kyle Richards’ Revealing Text Message to Dorit Exposed

The reunion of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (RHOBH) seems fraught with tension between co-stars Dorit Kemsley and Kyle Richards. Kemsley has made public a potentially manipulative message she received from Richards, stirring discussion and debate among fans of the show. The situation appears set to return to the disagreement ‘eye for an eye’ scenario, showcasing a confrontation between the two during the reunion.

An Unsolicited Communication

A conversation between Kemsley and Eric Jayne revealed that Kemsley was disheartened by Richards’ manipulative behaviour. She explained that she didn’t enjoy Richards’ attempt to manipulate her. In her opinion, if Richards had the freedom to express herself, she too should have the privilege to respond assertively.

Controversy Prevails

Before publicizing Richards’ message, Kemsley confided in Jayne that the most troubling factor was Richards’ portrayal of their friendship to the media. She presented their camaraderie as an exaggerated affair by Dorit, diminishing their closeness. Richards presented an image as though they were merely acquaintances who had occasionally travelled together, undermining their relationship. To worsen matters, she then sent Dorit a text apparently hoping to silence her, a significant time after their last communication. This, understandably, led Kemsley to perceive Richards’ actions as calculated and manipulative.

Content of the Message

Kemsley revealed portions of Richards’ text, which quickly went viral. The message included lines like, “I wanted to reach out because we were in a weird place”, “I don’t want to lose someone else in my life over a TV show”, and “I would like to sit down and talk after we get through tomorrow”, indicating a clear plea for silence from Kemsley during the reunion.

Opinions on the Matter

Erika Jayne agreed with Dorit’s perspective, believing that such a message would also provoke a sense of manipulation in her. She summarised, “I hear you. I understand exactly where you are coming from. And I hate every moment of this.” The reunion for RHOBH Season 13 airs on Wednesday, February 28 at 8/7c.

Wrapping Up

The viewers of the reunion will no doubt be engrossed with the tension and drama unfolding between Kemsley and Richards during the show. What subjects do you believe Dorit should bring up? And do you agree with her perspective of Kyle’s message being manipulative? Feel free to continue the conversation on HitPlay.

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