‘Bodkin’ Season 2 — What We Know So Far

Netflix’s unique comedy-thriller series, ‘Bodkin,’ has generated much anticipation for a potential second season. It follows the absurd journey of an American podcaster, Gilbert Power, played by Will Forte, who partners with Dove (Siobhán Cullen), a skeptical print journalist, and excited newcomer Emmy (Robyn Cara) to solve a decades-old mystery in the fictional Irish town of Bodkin. Produced under the superior guidance of Higher Ground, Barack and Michelle Obama’s company, this series propels viewers into a captivating mock-reality of a different breed of true crime podcasting, much like the acclaimed series ‘Only Murders in the Building.’

Throughout its seven-episode trajectory, ‘Bodkin’ cleverly unfolds the secrets lurking in Bodkin’s quaint corners that range from the comedic to the bizarre. Nevertheless, even though every mystery unveils itself by the series finale, there is no guarantee that ‘Bodkin’ won’t make a reappearance.

Since its debut on Netflix on May 9, ‘Bodkin’ has consistently nabbed a spot on the popular streaming platform’s top 10 list. This remarkable achievement follows in the footsteps of other hits like ‘Baby Reindeer’ and ‘A Man in Full.’ Despite this initial success and strong audience reception, the show’s future remains a question mark. Speculation suggests that a second season might be on the cards since ‘Bodkin’ has not been officially categorized as a limited series.

The first season of ‘Bodkin’ draws the curtain seemingly untying all knots, including a humorous subplot involving a covert eel-smuggling ring. However, there is one character whose fate was left hanging – the elusive Seamus Gallagher, who doubles as Jackie McFadden, a fugitive smuggler. Although viewers assume that he perished in a truck explosion, his death isn’t explicitly confirmed, leaving the door open for potential future plotlines.

On top of this unresolved thread, the career trajectories of the central trio – Gilbert, Emmy, and Dove – all undergo dramatic shifts. While Gilbert steps away from podcasting altogether, Emmy rises to the challenge, landing Dove’s ex-job at ‘The Guardian.’ Meanwhile, Dove embarks on a new journey as a podcaster herself. If another season were to materialize, it is possible that Dove could investigate a fresh mystery, potentially reuniting her with Gilbert and Emmy.

Despite these promising signs, the official renewal of ‘Bodkin’ for a second season waits in limbo. If viewers have learned anything from the unpredictable plot twists of ‘Bodkin,’ it is to expect the unexpected. One can only hope that the show will indeed return, bringing with it an intriguing new mystery along with the familiar comedic antics of Dove, Gilbert, and Emmy.

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