Kerry Washington Kept Engagement a Secret in Unusual Way

Kerry Washington admitted to having kept her engagement to Football star Nnamdi Asomugha a secret by hiding her ring in her clothes. The strategy was employed to maintain the privacy of their then budding love-life amidst the public buzz surrounding their individual careers.

Washington, 47, made the disclosure during her recent guest appearance on SiriusXM’s show, ‘This Life of Mine with James Corden‘. She recounted, “I used to pin my engagement ring to my undergarments because I loved my ring so much, so I would sleep in it at night, and then in the morning, I would pin it to my undergarments so that nobody knew we were engaged.”

Decade-old Secret Romantic Alliance

Washington and Asomugha, 42, have been happily married for a decade. Their family includes their daughter Isabelle aged 9, and son Caleb aged 7. Washington is also a stepmother to Anaiya, Asomugha’s daughter from a previous relationship who is currently 18 years old.

The ‘Scandal’ star recalled how she went to great lengths to keep her engagement under wraps. Asomugha was already in the limelight courtesy of a successful career in the NFL, having represented the Oakland Raiders, Philadelphia Eagles, and San Francisco 49ers.

She shared, “He had a groundbreaking, record-breaking contract that he had just walked through, and he had been in three or four Pro Bowls, you know. When I met him, he was on the cover of Sports Illustrated, and I was on this hit show.”

Private Wedding and Honeymoon Bliss

The couple tied the knot in an intimate ceremony in Hailey, Idaho in June 2013. For their honeymoon, they traveled to a secluded resort on an islet near Zanzibar. Washington remembers this period as the happiest two weeks of her life.

To commemorate this joyous occasion, she kept a collection of shells from the beach, which symbolizes the joy they shared away from the public eye. “It reminds me of the space that we gave ourselves to start our life together as a couple in this really sacred way.”

Past Personal Experience Shapes Current Perspective

Washington also shared how her previous experience had shaped her decision to keep her personal life private. Before meeting Asomugha, she was engaged to actor David Moscow in October 2004. When the engagement ended in March 2007, it became a focal point of media attention, which she didn’t appreciate.

She elaborated, “I had been in a really public engagement that when it ended, I was in the unfortunate position of being on the cover of a bridal magazine…and I thought, ‘I think I’m done talking about my personal life in the public.”

Wrapping Up

Creating a secret haven away from the public glare seemed to work for Washington and Asomugha. They were successful in establishing their life as a couple without any media interference. For news and updates related to your favorite stars, visit HitPlay.

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