Netflix releases new ‘Predators’ docuseries trailer, narrated by Tom Hardy

Netflix has just sent out a clear message to nature documentarians: the hunt is on. The streaming giant has revealed a gripping new trailer for their impending nature docuseries, “Predators.” The five-part series, as showcased in the trailer, sets its sights on the powerful predators of this world and the constant battle they endure to retain their supremacy.

Tom Hardy, the Academy Award nominee, isn’t wrestling with superheroes or starring in period dramas this time, but prepping us for a visceral journey through the untamed corners of the world. Hardy’s throaty narration throbs with intensity, guiding us through the program’s broad narrative scope: cheetahs, polar bears, and wild dogs, among others.

The official write-up paints a vivid portrait of the series, “In this captivating nature documentary series, five predator species around the world work to survive in their environments. Experience life through the eyes of the planet’s most power hunters as they fight to maintain their dominance.”

Fans can get a taste of the adrenaline-pumping saga with the “Predators” trailer, available for viewing below:

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Mark your calendars, as Netflix will let “Predators” loose on its platform on Wednesday, September 6. The docuseries is shepherded by executive producers Wendy Drake and Vanessa Coates under the banner of True To Nature production house.

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