Julia Quinn Blesses ‘Bridgerton’ Gender-Swap

Julia Quinn Gave Bridgerton Her Blessing to Gender-Swap Michael to Michaela

Julia Quinn was aware that Bridgerton season 3 would feature a gender-swapped character, a creative decision that surprised many of her readers.

Quinn’s Blessing for Gender Swap

According to Bridgerton showrunner Jess Brownell, Quinn was consulted and supportive of this change. In an interview with Teen Vogue, Brownell explained the importance of representing diverse perspectives within the fan base, acknowledging that not all fans would agree with the changes.

Readers’ Expectations Versus Screen Adaptation

Quinn’s book originally portrays Francesca falling in love with Michael after the death of her husband, John Stirling. However, in the season 3 finale, Francesca (played by Hannah Dodd) meets her husband’s cousin, Michaela (portrayed by Masali Baduza), indicating a future queer storyline for Francesca.

Response to Potential Backlash

Brownell acknowledged the potential for backlash, noting that any deviation from the books could upset certain segments of the fandom. However, she emphasized that the adaptation aligns with the original character’s essence and story.

Author Julia Quinn Gave 'Bridgerton' Her Blessing to Gender-Swap Character
Luke Newton, Nicola Coughlan, Shonda Rhimes, Jess Brownell, Julia Quinn, and Golda Rosheuvel.
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Adaptation’s Authenticity

Brownell stressed that the decision was not merely for shock value but stemmed from a desire to authentically represent a queer experience, which she personally related to when reading Francesca’s story.

Anticipation for Future Seasons

With season 3 ending on a surprising note, Quinn reminded readers that the TV adaptation is not bound to follow the exact romantic pairings from her books. She expressed confidence in Shondaland’s ability to deliver a compelling narrative despite these changes.

Fans eager to see the development of Francesca and Michaela’s storyline will need to wait, as Brownell confirmed a two-year hiatus before season 4. It remains undecided whether Francesca or Benedict will take the lead in the upcoming season.

Wrapping Up

The decision to gender-swap characters and introduce queer storylines in Bridgerton season 3 signifies a commitment to diverse representation. As viewers await future seasons, they can look forward to more creative and inclusive storytelling.

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