Amazon and Netflix Duke it Out to Get Pedro Pascal, Chris Hemsworth’s ‘Crime 101’ Thriller

Riding on a sweeping wave of popularity, Pedro Pascal continues to make a splash in Hollywood with his latest venture, “Crime 101,” where he’ll be sharing the screen with Marvel’s superhero Chris Hemsworth. Pascal, commended for his thriving roles in “The Mandalorian” and “The Last of Us,” appears unstoppable as he climbs right to the top of the celebrity charts.

The upcoming crime thriller, “Crime 101,” written by esteemed author Don Winslow, has already sparked a buzz. The premise revolves around a detective who attributes a series of high-profile robberies to a solo thief, contrary to the common belief that a cartel is responsible.

The anticipation is heightened by the fact that Chris Hemsworth, acknowledged for his exhilarating performance in “Extraction 2,” is set to co-star alongside Pascal. The joint venture of these two Hollywood titans has created quite the excitement, sparking a bidding war amongst major studios. According to Deadline, both Amazon and Netflix are vying for the rights to the film, with Amazon seemingly having the upper hand currently.

The film will be directed by Bart Layton, known for his work in “American Animals.” However, considering the ongoing SAG and WGA strikes, the schedule for “Crime 101” is somewhat blurred. No contracts can be penned with the actors during the period of dispute, nor can production commence until the issues are resolved.

Despite these hurdles, if the plan goes accordingly, “Crime 101” is expected to be one of the most talked-about future projects, especially given the combined fan base of Pascal and Hemsworth. However, we are yet to be updated on the trailer of “Crime 101”, be sure to check back soon, as we keep you posted on all the updates!

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