Eisenberg and Garfield Struggled With Their Roles in The Social Network

In the 2010 film, “The Social Network”, Actors Andrew Garfield and Jesse Eisenberg played the roles of complex and rivalrous characters. Although both of them developed a close personal friendship, they reportedly faced challenges in portraying on-screen rivals in the film.

The movie reveals the story of Mark Zuckerberg, played by Eisenberg, and his journey in creating the world’s leading social media platform, Facebook. During this journey, his relationship with his friend, Eduardo Saverin, portrayed by Garfield, drastically changes from a strong bond to a strained and competitive rapport.

Garfield and Eisenberg struggled to separate their off-screen friendship and on-screen rivalry. Even after intensive professional training, the actors found it tough to consider each other as rivals during filming, given their close personal friendship.

Despite the challenges, both actors pulled off their roles exceptionally well. Their performances greatly contributed to the success of “The Social Network”, making it one of the most critically acclaimed films of the year.

Interestingly, Eisenberg also battled another personal challenge during the filming of “The Social Network”. The actor has openly talked about his struggles with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) in his past. In the movie, the actor had to

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