Sundance Film Festival: The 14 Buzziest Movies in 2024

The 2024 Sundance International Film Festival, post the WGA/SAG-AFTRA strikes, presents a fresh cinematic landscape. With 82 features from 17,435 submissions across 153 countries, the festival showcases a diverse range of films. Buyers are keen on titles spanning from celebrity documentaries to indie dramas featuring A-listers, looking for potential hits that would thrive in theaters.

“A Real Pain”

A Real Pain 1

Jesse Eisenberg’s directorial follow-up, “A Real Pain,” featuring himself and Kieran Culkin, is a story of cousins touring Poland, uncovering family secrets. Eisenberg’s directorial prowess, coupled with Culkin’s recent Emmy success, makes this domestic family drama a potential Sundance highlight.

“Between the Temples”

Between The Temples 1

Nathan Silver’s “Between the Temples” could be his mainstream breakthrough. The film stars Jason Schwartzman as a cantor and Carol Kane as his influential music teacher. The combination of Schwartzman’s versatile acting and Kane’s long-standing Hollywood presence lends the film a unique indie-mainstream appeal.


Chris Smith’s documentary on the 80s band Devo delves into their rise and cultural impact. Following their journey from the Kent State massacre aftermath to New Wave fame, the film taps into the ongoing nostalgia trend, promising to resonate with Sundance audiences.



Sean Wang’s debut, “Didi,” set in 2008, explores a Taiwanese American boy’s coming-of-age story. Its intrigue lies in its portrayal of immigrant life and self-discovery, drawing comparisons to indie successes like “The Farewell.” “Didi” stands out as a must-watch at the festival.

“My Old Ass” (Premieres)

My Old Ass

Megan Park’s “My Old Ass,” known for “The Fallout,” presents a whimsical story at Sundance. It centers on a teenage girl’s psychedelic journey to meet her future self. With Maddie Ziegler and Aubrey Plaza, Park explores the evolving self against a backdrop of youth and change. The film promises a blend of nostalgia and contemporary themes, appealing to a broad audience.

“The Outrun” (Premieres)

The Outrun

Saoirse Ronan leads “The Outrun,” adapting Amy Liptrot’s memoir. Set in Scotland’s Orkney Islands, the film explores a woman’s quest for healing. Despite market challenges for international features, “The Outrun,” with Ronan’s appeal and the book’s success, is expected to resonate deeply with Gen Z and millennials.

“Presence” (Premieres)


Steven Soderbergh’s “Presence” marks his return to Sundance. This horror film, showcasing Soderbergh’s style, explores a family’s encounter with an eerie presence. The film’s Sundance debut symbolizes Soderbergh’s career full circle, adding a layer of intrigue to its release.

“Rob Peace” (Premieres)

Rob Peace

Directed by Chiwetel Ejiofor, “Rob Peace” narrates a Yale graduate’s dual life in academia and crime. Following “The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind,” Ejiofor presents a story of ambition and conflict, promising a powerful theatrical experience.

“Super/Man: The Christopher Reeve Story” (Premieres)

Superman The Christopher Reeve Story

Ian Bonhote and Peter Ettedgui’s documentary, “Super/Man: The Christopher Reeve Story,” offers an intimate glimpse into Reeve’s life. Utilizing personal archives, the film delves into his journey and legacy, resonating in current disability discussions and documentary trends.

“Will & Harper” (Premieres)

Will And Harper

Josh Greenbaum’s “Will & Harper,” starring Will Ferrell, is a documentary about friendship and identity. Following Ferrell and Harper’s cross-country journey, the film blends humor with emotional depth, showcasing Ferrell’s versatility.

“Winner” (Premieres)

Winner 1

Susanna Fogel’s “Winner,” starring Emilia Jones and Connie Britton, focuses on a young NSA contractor’s ethical challenges. Following Fogel’s “Cat Person,” the film weaves a compelling narrative, reinforcing Fogel’s unique cinematic voice.

“Exhibiting Forgiveness”

Exhibiting Forgiveness

Titus Kaphar’s film debut, “Exhibiting Forgiveness,” features a Black artist (Andre Holland) confronting his past. With a cast including Holland, Andra Day, and Aujanue Ellis-Taylor, and Kaphar’s artistic background, the film is highly anticipated for its powerful storytelling.

“Freaky Tales”

Freaky Tales 1 2

Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck return to Sundance with “Freaky Tales,” an anthology set in 1987 Oakland. Little is known, but the involvement of Pedro Pascal adds to the excitement. The directors’ Sundance history, including “Half Nelson” and “Mississippi Grind,” promises a compelling addition to the festival.

“Love Me”

Love Me Kristen Stewart Steven Yeun

“Love Me,” described as a genre-defying film, involves a post-human romance between a buoy and a satellite, voiced by Kristen Stewart and Steven Yeun. The film’s unique premise and acclaimed cast suggest it will be a standout, intriguing Sundance entry.

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