Video Game TV Adaptations That Could Rival ‘Fallout’

Television is currently experiencing an unparalleled golden age, with an unprecedented degree of flexibility and variety for both creators and audiences. This phenomenon has propelled an increased demand for a variety of entertainment, causing streaming platforms and production studios to cast a wider net for fresh content. A particular area of recent popularity has been the world of video games, which have provided a number of successful narratives that have been adapted into TV shows, such as The Last Of Us and Fallout. Below, we explore some other video game franchises that show potential for successful adaptation.

God Of War

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News broke towards the end of 2022 that God Of War has been confirmed for adaptation, a significant development in the world of video game TV shows. Vernon Sanders, the head of global television at Amazon Studios, praised the game as “a compelling, character-driven franchise”, rich in “storytelling” and “expansive and immersive worlds”. Given the game series’ vivid universe, established since its Playstation 2 launch in 2005, the potential for deep exploration and expansion in the show is promising.

The protagonist of the series, Kratos, has a very distinct, instantly recognizable visual identity that has rendered him a gaming icon over the last two decades. This gives the show an accessible introduction for viewers who maybe have a basic knowledge of the source material. While release dates haven’t been made available yet, Sony confirmed at CES 2024 that scriptwriting for the series is in process.


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BioShock, a franchise that has been around since its initial release on PC and Xbox 360 in 2007, has established a complex narrative that makes it a promising candidate for adaptation. The game’s storyline revolves around Jack, who discovers an underwater city constructed by a wealthy businessman as a utopian retreat. However, the discovery of a genetic substance enabling physical modification sets the city on a course of chaos, leading Jack on an intriguing journey of escape and discovery.

Netflix has gotten a hold of the franchise and plans are in progress to produce a movie. Helmed by Francis Lawrence, known for directing films such as I Am Legend and The Hunger Games: The Ballad Of Songbirds And Snakes, the movie appears to be in good hands. In a 2022 interview, Lawrence expressed respect for the original story and made clear his intention is to stay true to the already well-established world and narrative.


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Nintendo has shown openness towards video game adaptations following the success of last year’s film The Super Mario Bros. Movie, which suggests potential for a Metroid series adaptation. The franchise ticks many boxes that a good TV show requires: a sci-fi space setting, a powerful female protagonist, and engaging villains. Additional context about the game’s universe and characters is provided in the Metroid manga. Regardless of Metroid’s standing as a tentpole franchise for Nintendo, protagonist Samus has potential to lead a more serious TV series and could help broaden Nintendo’s public image.

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Wrapping Up

From God Of War to BioShock and Metroid, these video game franchises demonstrate extraordinary potential for adaptations into TV shows. As the lines between gaming and television become more blurred, it’s abundantly clear that the future holds a wealth of opportunities for video game narratives to further enrich the TV landscape. For more curated content on gaming and the latest in technology, visit HitPlay.

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