‘Fallout’ Reviews Roundup: Walton Goggins is Killing it

Amazon has initiated a bold venture in the wake of HBO’s successful adaptation of the hit video game series ‘The Last of Us’. Now, Amazon is embarking on an ambitious adaptation of the iconic game series ‘Fallout’. Mirroring ‘The Last of Us’, ‘Fallout’ is also set in a post-apocalyptic landscape although with a harsher, desolate environment attributed to nuclear havoc.

The ‘Fallout’ Series is Streaming Now

Amazon released ‘Fallout’ this week with the series being shepherded by ‘Westworld’ creator Jonathan Nolan. He brings his considerable science fiction expertise, and also ropes in actor Walton Goggins from ‘Justified’ fame. Goggins adorns the character of The Ghoul, a 200-year old bounty hunter traversing the wasteland. Goggins’ portrayal consists of a duality, taking on a historic persona as Cooper Howard, a film star witnessing the world’s end.

‘Fallout’ has garnered positive early reviews suggesting a formidable combination of Goggins’ performance and the series itself. Critics have weighed in their thoughts:

Reviews Offer Praise for Amazon’s ‘Fallout’

‘The Hollywood Reporter’ lauds the distinct sense of place that ‘Fallout’ successfully establishes from the start.

‘Variety’ highlights the compelling and unique aspects of the show, deeming it highly captivating.

Forbes hails Goggins’ portrayal of the Ghoul and commends the dual role he manages, both as a gunslinger and former actor.

‘Game Informer’ appreciates the series’ tone and Goggins’ standout performance, even behind Ghoul prosthetics.

‘IGN’ compliments Amazon for taking up ‘Fallout’. The series’ unique blend of hyper-violent, satirical humor aligns well with ‘The Boys’.

‘Empire’ appreciates the series’ poignant moments and effective handling of the game’s themes.

Wrapping Up

‘Fallout’ Season 1 begins streaming on Amazon Prime Video on April 10 at 9 p.m. ET with all eight episodes available. For more exciting entertainment news and updates, visit HitPlay.

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