Too Much Too Fast? Carrie & Aidan’s Blazing Return in ‘And Just Like That…’

Welcome to the whirlwind comeback of Carrie and Aidan! For all the fans who’ve been eagerly eyeing the rumored reunion snaps from New York City, this season’s episodes might be giving a serious case of emotional whiplash. By the time Mr. Big took his unfortunate exit in the debut episode, our iconic duo, Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) and Aidan Shaw (John Corbett), were already back in the thick of it by Episode 7.

Barely a breath taken and there they were, hunting for Dutch ovens and Himalayan rock salt graters for their new shared space inspired by the enigmatic Che Diaz (Sara Ramirez). That’s a lot of shared commitment just to keep Aidan’s feet off the cursed tiles of Carrie’s former apartment. And the twist? Their happiness seems supercharged. Sure, we’re Team Carrie’s Joy here, but this renewed love story is sprinting at warp speed.

Living in the Now, Forgetting the Then

While Carrie is basking in the newness of her Aidan romance, a candid moment with Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) sees her questioning the essence of her past relationship with Big. Yes, their history had its bumps, but this isn’t the Carrie Chronicles without its Aidan arc either.

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But here’s the real tea: Carrie and Big, with all their imperfections, had an alignment in their lifestyles. When it came to tackling relationship hiccups, they mirrored each other – which can’t be said for Carrie and Aidan. Remember when her eyes wandered back to Big during her first Aidan stint? Yeah, that was a low blow. Now with Big out of the picture, it’s likely Aidan’s internal alarms are still blaring with doubts about this quick-start romance. Rushing things might be their coping mechanism now, but skimming over deeper issues? That’s a ticking time bomb.

The Fairy-Tale, But at What Cost?

The streets are talking: Is this Carrie-Aidan redux too pristine to last? There’s undeniable excitement watching them reunite, but seasoned fans know Carrie. And let’s just say, trust issues around Aidan still linger. Though she seems all in now, there’s still the hovering doubt: will she retreat when things get real?

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Let’s not forget her upcoming journey to Aidan’s Virginia residence. Meeting his trio of kiddos this early on? That’s a lot, even by Carrie standards. Without Big to stir the pot like in the past, the ball is in Carrie’s court. She’s got to introspect, weigh her feelings, and determine if this is the forever she’s been chasing.

The roadmap ahead? If they’re truly committed, it’s time to hit the brakes, dive deep, and confront their past issues. Ignoring past pain points (that awkward tête-à-tête with Che, anyone?) isn’t setting a foundation; it’s building on quicksand. True relationships thrive on authenticity. If they can’t face the truth together, what’s the essence? They need a solid reality check, and honestly, Seema Patel (Sarita Choudhury) might just be the no-nonsense voice of reason they desperately need.

Stay tuned for more drama and revelations as ‘And Just Like That…’ unravels every Thursday on Max.

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