Madison LeCroy Confirms Return for Southern Charm Season 10

Southern Charm celebrity Madison LeCroy has announced that she will be returning for the show’s 10th season. The 33-year-old star revealed the news during an Instagram Q&A session held on March 24. LeCroy added that she’s looking forward to hosting the first party of the upcoming season and promised that it would be “fabulous.”

Madison LeCroy in Southern Charm

Since joining the Bravo reality TV show Southern Charm in 2019, Madison LeCroy has been a prominent figure. This reality series revolves around a close-knit group of friends hailing from Charleston, South Carolina. Throughout the ninth season aired in 2023, she shared her experiences alongside co-stars like Craig Conover, Austen Kroll, Shep Rose, Olivia Flowers, Taylor Ann Green, and Leva Bonaparte.

Madison’s husband, Brett Randle, was also introduced during these episodes. The couple had settled down in Charleston, raising Madison’s son from her previous relationship before Brett made his appearance on the program. Madison co-parents her ten-year-old son, Hudson, with her ex-partner, Josh Hughes.

Embracing Reality TV Lifestyle

Despite skepticism shared by many about the prudence of showcasing her personal life on air, Madison decided to divulge that side of her life to viewers. In an interview with Us Weekly in September 2023, LeCroy stated that she was eager for the audience to witness her more compassionate side and get insights into her family life.

Drama Unraveled in Southern Charm Season 9

The ninth season of Southern Charm concluded dramatically with a controversial discussion between Madison and Olivia Flowers, as well as Taylor Ann Green. The conversation centered around accusations that Taylor had lied about her involvement with Austen Kroll, their mutual ex-partner. Although the confrontation was severe, Madison clarified that while she wished to keep Taylor at a distance, she had no intention of severing their friendship completely.

Unresolved Issues and Future of Southern Charm

During the ninth season, Taylor’s revelations about Olivia’s connection with former member Thomas Ravenel added fuel to the fire. While she later apologized for spilling the details, the issue remained unresolved. Not all conflicts amongst the Southern Charm cast, as hinted by Madison, might be staged for the show, implying real-life tensions. The official announcement on the tenth season of Southern Charm has not yet been made by Bravo.

Wrapping Up

Madison LeCroy is all set to return to Southern Charm for its tenth season, promising to kick things off with a fabulous party. As fans anticipate more drama, real-life conflict between the cast might ensure an explosive season ahead. Stay tuned for more updates or visit HitPlay for similar content.

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