“And Just Like That” Costume Designer Reveals Who’s to Blame for Aidan’s Jacket

When it comes to sartorial choices in “And Just Like That,” it seems John Corbett has steered the fashion bus.

In an intriguing chat with Variety, the show’s costume designer Molly Rogers opened up about the buzz-worthy Belstaff jacket donned by Aidan in his recent rendezvous with former flame, Carrie. Rogers, sharing the costume reigns with Danny Santiago for the Max comedy, spills the beans that the wardrobe decision was influenced heavily by Corbett himself. “He was quite passionate about that particular outerwear, giving off the ‘leading man’ aura. It’s undeniably a romantic jacket,” she notes.

However, Rogers did sense something amiss about the attire. Reflecting on the ensemble, she mentions, “The hiccup was him being all buttoned up. Yet, when you’re in the midst of filming, it’s not a runway, and ultimately, the actor’s comfort reigns supreme.”

Earlier, in an interaction with People.com, Rogers revealed that Corbett had a personal connection with the Belstaff design. He envisioned it as Aidan’s principal jacket for the show, having owned a similar piece himself. He believed in its timeless appeal and desired a look that was cool but steered clear of fleeting trends.

Don’t miss the season finale of “And Just Like That” premiering this Thursday on Max!

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