Release Date for ‘The Jinx – Part Two’ Episode 3 Revealed

The popularity of HBO Max’s true-crime miniseries, The Jinx, led the network, currently using the moniker Max, to commission a second series. A follow-up to the account of real estate heir Robert Durst’s arrest and murder charges, The Jinx Part Two continues the storyline unfolding in weekly episodes. The third segment, titled “Saving My Tears Until It’s Official,” airs on May 5. The trial of Durst, which concluded with a conviction, a life sentence without parole, and his subsequent death make the series an intriguing watch.

The Jinx Part Two: Beyond the Arrest

The Jinx drew remarkable interest with its narrative of the real-life saga of Robert Durst. His arrest for murder on the eve of the series finale in 2015 intensified the attention. The saga enveloped America’s fascination, culminating in Max commissioning a follow-up series. The Jinx Part Two is designed to quench the public’s curiosity about the events that unfolded after Durst’s arrest.

Keeping Up With the Trial

Consistently deviating from the prevalent trend of releasing all episodes at once, The Jinx Part Two is delivering its story in weekly installments. The series began on April 21, with the second episode dropping on April 28. The upcoming third episode, scheduled for May 5, retains the focus on Durst’s high-profile trial.

Recapping Durst’s Conviction

Durst’s trial, which extended from March 2020 to September 2021, concluded with a guilty verdict, imposing a life sentence without the possibility of parole. The narrative doesn’t extend much further, as Durst passed away from cardiac arrest at 78, in January 2022.

How to Watch

The third installment of The Jinx Part Two, titled “Saving My Tears Until It’s Official,” will be available to watch on Max on May 5.

Wrapping Up

Engrossing and factual, The Jinx Part Two continues to recapture viewers’ attention as it unfolds Durst’s conviction and life sentence. For seamless viewing of episode three on Max, visit HitPlay on May 5.

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