Sarah Jessica Parker adopts furry co-star from ‘And Just Like That…’

Sarah Jessica Parker, star of the popular series “And Just Like That…”, has delightfully announced that she has adopted her on-screen kitty companion, named Lotus, into her real-world home. Lotus now joins Parker’s other feline family members, Remy and Smila, both of whom were previously adopted by the actress. Fans of the series have expressed their joy at hearing the news, and look forward to seeing more of Lotus in the upcoming third season of the show.

It’s no secret to fans of “And Just Like That…” that Sarah Jessica Parker shares on-screen time with the adorable cat, Lotus, who also goes by the name Shoe in the series. Recently, the actress took to social media to share that her furry co-star had officially become a part of her family, much to the delight of her followers.

In her Instagram post, Parker shared several heartwarming photos of Lotus, now a part of her family, alongside her other adopted kitties, Remy and Smila. In her caption, she revealed that Lotus and his siblings were all given botanical names when they were rescued as newborns by the Connecticut Humane Society. The actress and her husband Matthew Broderick officially adopted Lotus in April 2023.

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Sarah Jessica Parker’s social media post received an outpour of comments from excited fans. They were ecstatic to discover that the on-screen bond between Parker and Lotus had transcended off-screen. Many of them expressed their hopes to see more of Lotus in the forthcoming third season of “And Just Like That…” The popular “Sex and the City” sequel series was renewed ahead of its August 24 second season finale, with Max’s Head of Content, Sarah Aubrey, voicing her excitement for what the next season has in store for the beloved New Yorkers.

Stars Who’ve Adopted Their On-Screen Animal Companions

Lotus’ adoption into Parker’s family isn’t an isolated incident. There’s a select list of stars who’ve formed such strong on-set bonds with animal companions that they’ve adopted them.

Sophie Turner, famous for her role as Sansa Stark in “Game of Thrones” adopted the Northern Innuit dog, Zunni, who played her character’s pet direwolf, Lady, in the series. Unfortunately, Zunni passed away in 2017, but she was followed by Turner’s adoption of two Alaskan Klee Kai dogs.

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In the 2016 comedy, “Keanu,” comedian Tiffany Haddish adopted one of the kittens who starred in the movie. After wrapping up production, she renamed her adorable new pet Catonic.

Beyond cats and dogs, stars have even adopted horses from their film sets. Brendan Fraser, for example, took home Pecas, a horse from the 2015 miniseries “Texas Rising.” Elsewhere, Viggo Mortensen adopted two horses, Eurayus and Kenny, from the set of “Lord of the Rings,” who carried his character, Aragorn, on their backs through Middle-earth. A third horse, who appeared in “The Fellowship of the Ring,” also found a home with Mortensen.

Elizabeth Taylor, then only 12 years old, was gifted her beloved pet horse, King Charles, during the shooting of the film “National Velvet.” This created a lifelong bond between the two, only cementing the adage that love can indeed transcend the big screen.

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